How LinkedIn can make you a better PR Person

How LinkedIn can make you a better PR Person

LinkedIn boasts an impressive 500 million users, so surely presents an opportunity for the savvy PR? However, like most social networking sites it’s overcrowded and noisy, making it difficult for anyone to make a real impact.

But there are still ways to utilise LinkedIn, for the benefit of both you and your clients. Here are some top tips from the BSE team.

Sharing Coverage

Every PR person knows that sharing client coverage through your own social media channels is a must to increase visibility.

However, it is vital as a PR advisor to encourage your clients to share their coverage on their own social media networks as well. LinkedIn can be more useful than Facebook or Twitter as it’s a professional network, meaning coverage can be seeded into relevant groups.

Stephanie Mullins, Senior Account Manager here at BlueSky, explains how one of our top professors shared a piece of coverage on his personal LinkedIn that she had secured for him in a specialist trade publication. Subsequently this coverage was seen by the host of a working life podcast and he was delighted to be asked to contribute as a result.

Contacting Journalists

LinkedIn is also a great way to locate and contact journalists around the world that might be otherwise difficult to source.

Natalie Bishop, a Senior Account Executive here has secured interviews in places like Taiwan simply by connecting with journalists on LinkedIn.

Using the tool “InMail” is also useful when it can be difficult to get hold of journalists through email or on the phone. Ian Hawkings, Head of our Education Practice, finds this can be sometimes more successful than a blind email to someone you don’t already know, as your profile will give them a good idea of who you are and why they should get back to you.

Stephanie backs this up, she has used this method to develop an excellent working relationship with a freelance journalist that writes for the BBC, this has resulted in multiple pieces of coverage for our clients in a globally-renowned media outlet.

Vital Background Information

It is useful to view someone’s LinkedIn profile before a meeting or interview so you can prepare yourself.

Chris Johnson, Account Manager, makes sure he views a clients’ LinkedIn before a meeting or interview. He finds this particularly useful when he needs to write a biography or article as this allows him to get know his client better and tailor his research questions accordingly.

Potential clients may also review your background before a big meeting or an initial call; or even to determine whether to consider your services in the first place. It is therefore important to make sure your LinkedIn profile clearly states what you and your company can offer, it’s a rare opportunity to build your personal brand.

PR’s shouldn’t just be using LinkedIn to show off their new promotion, but as a tool to make them better at their job.


Author: Kate Mowbray

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