How diversity in the workplace is failing its final challenge


diversityMost informed people seem to have finally got the message that diversity in the workplace is a good thing. Not just a nice thing or a PR stunt but something that fosters innovation and progress and that helps organisations better understand and engage with their customers and clients. So, with varying degrees of success and commitment, businesses and institutions of all types and sizes have set about workforces that ignore ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. in favour of those attributes that really count – namely ability, enthusiasm and application.


However, when  I walked into the BlueSky office kitchen this morning and was greeted by the apparently eagerly awaited Premier League fixture list on the noticeboard, I was reminded that one group of workers still faces deep-seated and vindictive discrimination – people who don’t like sport.


Yes, I admit it, I am proudly out of the closet on this one – I don’t, never have and never will like sport. And it runs in the family. My dad had the affliction and my son seems to have it too. Tell us the latest, must-hear news about your favourite team or individual athlete and all we hear is a vague, irritating buzzing noise as if a mosquito has been let loose in the room. Not, of course, that this has stopped friends, colleagues and clients trying to convert me over the years, hoping that they can achieve some sort of damascene revelation if they just try hard enough. Thanks for all the effort everyone, but, seriously, just stop.


Instead, embrace people like me in the workplace. After all we’re not the ones wasting our energies on over-paid idiots chasing a ball around or riding a bike (I did that when I was little but lost interest when the trainer wheels were taken off) or duplicating a run which killed an ancient Greek a couple of thousand years ago. In fact we may be the only truly sane ones in the office…..


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