How can you benefit from online media?

PR is not simply about having an article in the press anymore. As technology continues to develop, and more and more individuals and businesses are on social networks, the value of online media is increasingly being recognised. This isn’t to say that being featured in a newspaper or magazine isn’t useful anymore – it is. But it’s important to use all of the communication channels at your disposal, and having an article published online can be of real benefit.

Perhaps its most obvious advantage over a print article is that it is there on the internet forever. Individuals from all over the world can view the page at any time, meaning that it has the potential to be read by a much wider audience. Not only this, but it can also be shared through social media networks, and it’s much easier to keep track of its reach.

A great example of this can be seen from a recent piece on by our client Adrian Kinnersley, MD at Twenty Recruitment. Here, he responded to a controversial article by highlighting the reasons why LinkedIn will never kill the professional recruitment industry, and it has proved to be extremely popular. As it currently stands, it has had 923 shares on LinkedIn, 272 tweets, and 93 Facebook likes.

On top of this, Adrian’s article has sparked much discussion with 67 comments. Readers have not only commented directly on the topic itself, but it has also proved to be a great platform to talk about the recruitment sector more generally. Furthermore, Adrian had the opportunity to engage with his audience, either by replying to positive comments on the article, or expanding on points to further get his message across.

Recruitment Agency Expo

Just as LinkedIn won’t kill recruitment, online media won’t be taking over from print any time soon. But this example clearly shows the impact that can be made, if done in the right way. BlueSky’s Director, Tracey Barrett (Dunn), will be discussing this topic in much more detail at the Recruitment Agency Expo next month. Here, she will be sharing her top tips in a presentation on ‘How to create a brand – and keep it!’

Tracey’s presentation will take place at the following times:

Tuesday 26th February 1-1:30pm            Book now
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