Have You Taken an Interest in Pinterest?

pinterestLaunched in 2010, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network worldwide after Facebook  and Twitter . Unique users doubled from 2m in January 2012 to 4m in March 2012 and Public Relations is number six in the top ten audience interests. So can this fresh new platform add value to your business?

You may wonder if you have the time and resources to manage another social media account but Pinterest seems to have many unique attributes. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest doesn’t allow direct contact which positions it as a ‘buzz-building’ tool rather than a direct networking device. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”.

The site is incredibly user friendly. Install the handy ‘Pin It’ button on your browser and grab images from websites to add to you Pinboards automatically. And when you pin from a website Pinterest automatically grabs the source link which enables you to credit the original creator. Although the site is overwhelmingly visual, you can describe your pin using 500 characters and it’s simple to integrate your Pinboards with Facebook and Twitter accounts. According to 20% of Facebook users are on Pinterest daily.

So what opportunities could you create by embracing the latest online phenomenon? Businesses are able to create pinboards for each employee; recruiters can create boards for particular vacancies and organisations can visually document their achievements.

Pinterest is unlikely to replace Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but used alongside established channels it has the potential to add colour and diversity to your online presence. Use your imagination and discover what you can offer the Pinterest community today.

Have you explored it yet? Let us know by commenting below.

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4 thoughts on “Have You Taken an Interest in Pinterest?”

  1. We only started our Pinterest profile ( last month and have already had many people clicking through! We post teaching blogs, with photos of current candidates, or pictures of things they are writing about, and people are responding rapidly!

    We are definitely going to be posting much more as the site develops and grows in popularity, and look forward to following other teaching-related boards too.

    If you like you can see our Pinterest here:


    1. Hi Cordelia,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s great to see an example of Pinterest in action! It seems your board acts as a portal to reach carefully selected teaching resources, which gives it a depth not automatically associated with Pinterest. Do you have any tips for others wanting to use the social network in a similar way?


  2. Hi Carly,

    I think you need to make the most of images (quite obvious but also perhaps difficult to implement). So for example, make sure you have an image on every blog post/news story/website page, so that as soon as it’s published you can ‘pin’ it right away! That way you’ll never get bogged down with having to share it.

    The think I love about Pinterest is that the boards stay up for longer, meaning more people can appreciate the pictures, you can be creative with your pictures (the more creative the better), and you can have fun with it!! Also, the description gives it the flexibility to explain and/or intrigue your followers.

    I think Pinterest is ideal for retail and fashion, and recipes, but we have managed to forge our little imprint on there… so watch this space!!


    1. Hi Cordelia,

      Thank you for your great advice. I agree that a thoughtful or intriguing description is likely to encourage click-throughs and getting the imagery right is a little more difficult but you’re doing a great job!

      Keep up the good work!

      Is anyone else out there as inventive as ?

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