Growing Our Own

‘Growing our own’ in more ways than one

At BlueSky we’re all about ‘growing our own’ in terms of talented people. It’s a concept that is integral to who we are as a company, and now it would seem that thanks to those same talented people the BlueSky family is growing in numbers once again.


Upon the receipt of the first of what we’re sure will be many baby photos, we’d like to congratulate Steph King, head of our recruitment practice, on her lovely new arrival. As well as taking the time to wish her luck for the potentially or rather, unquestionably, hectic months to come.


As a company we can now almost certainly claim that we’re fairly experienced when it comes to positively embracing the challenges that arise when some of your key players are temporarily out of office. However it’s experience that offers both short term and long term value, and embracing these changes is undoubtedly a key way to ensure that you continue to retain industry leading talent.


Despite this being the second addition to our family in under a year and the third addition in just two years however, we do regret to announce that the BlueSky crèche alluded to in our previous ‘arrival’ update still remains in the early planning stages.

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