Give yourself some head space!

CaptureI had a day of meetings today and, as usual, I went off to London armed with my gadgets. My tablet, for taking notes, writing draft pieces while on the train and surfing the web, and my phone for checking emails and social on the go…and sometimes even making the odd phone call! One of my meetings was at The Honourable Artillery Company. The person I was meeting was a member there and suggested it as a good place for a coffee and private chat.


Upon arriving and having been signed in, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t take my bag or any mobile or electronic devices into the lounge areas..they had to be left in a secure locker. While initially I was a bit put out that I had to use a pen and paper to make notes, the whole experience was actually quite refreshing. No-one tapping doing that trying to talk quietly into a phone and failing..just the low hum of human conversation and more eye contact than you would ever see in a coffee shop.


It may have been like going back in time a bit but to have a conversation with absolutely no distractions was actually really nice. So should we have truly mobile free zones or is it the first step to becoming a dinosaur?

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