Getting Heard

Getting heard. Or going bananas


We’ve got more media, more communication channels today than we’ve ever had and it seems that barely a day goes by without another adding to the list. Which should mean that getting your message across to your target audience ought to be easier than ever too shouldn’t it? With all those websites, online magazines, blogs, etc, etc, a reasonably well trained chimpanzee ought to be able to do it surely.


If only…..


Simply getting your message out into the big, bad world simply isn’t enough. What counts is getting it out in the right place and in the right format. Most important of all it means generating material that won’t just appear somewhere in an obscure corner of the internet (assuming the internet does have corners), but is engaging, impactful, shared and recommended. Because if it isn’t you are wasting time, effort and cash. Spend your PR and marketing budget on bananas instead. At least that well trained, little hairy guy will be happy with the results.

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