How to get more shares for your content on social media

Get more shares for your content on social media

Social media is everywhere in the modern world and if you don’t like it…well, you haven’t got much choice. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others have infiltrated into the modern world and changed it dramatically. For businesses, having a presence on at least one channel is an absolute must and any organisation that doesn’t is likely to be seen as outdated and behind the times in all but the most traditional industries. So it’s important to get more shares for your content on social media.

Engagement is the word of the moment, however there’s nothing worse than setting up your social media channels, following people in your network or target market, only to find that you’re essentially shouting in an empty room. Without being shared, liked, favourited or engaged with in some way, social media can feel a bit pointless. So how do you get more shares for your content on social media?

Get more shares for your content on social media

Fortunately, the answer is relatively straightforward. The first thing to keep in mind is that any content has to be interesting. That much should be obvious, but there are still many firms that think the wider world will be interested in their new bench or printer upgrade and, frankly, they’re not. If you want to be shared regularly, you need to be saying something of interest.

Target your content

However, there are still occasions when your stellar content won’t have the impact you expected, even if you’ve got a large number of followers and it is undeniably interesting. The key here is to target your updates more effectively. Hashtags may feel like a slightly dated concept, but on Twitter and LinkedIn in particular they can be the difference between being noticed and not being seen at all. Do your research on the hashtags that your target communities are using and you’re likely to be able to target your updates more effectively. Rather than shouting in an empty room, you could start having direct conversations with people who are of interest to your business.

Use clickbait – but don’t go crazy

If you’re sharing content with links to your website or media coverage then you need to make sure it’s attention-grabbing. We’ve all seen headlines like ‘you won’t believe what Kim Kardashian has done now’ and ‘these three things can make you live 20 years longer,’ and while they’re annoying, they are highly effective at gaining click-throughs. The secret to not alienating your audience is to have interesting content in the first place and then package it appropriately. Your caption or title should at least reflect to some degree what the content is about. If it doesn’t it’s likely you’ll lose trust from your followers and the increased engagement will be in the short term only.

Videos and photos

Another method to grab attention is by sharing photos and videos. These tend to appeal to the various platforms’ algorithms and generally rank higher than purely text updates. They also stand out to individuals who may be casually scrolling through their feed and are therefore more likely to be clicked on.

Finally, it’s worth keeping it short and to the point. Nobody wants to sit and read an essay unless they’re sure it’s going to be relevant, so make sure you don’t add fluff just to pad out your updates. Twitter automatically limits posts to 140 characters but it can be tempting to go into real detail on LinkedIn and Facebook. However, our advice would be keep it short and punchy.

What methods do you use to get more shares for your content on social media?

If you want to get more impact from your social media then get in touch with our expert team or check out some of our other blogs for more useful advice.


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