Get ahead of the news cycle

Getting ahead of the news cycle

It is hard to remember a time when Donald Trump was not dominating the daily news cycle. Reporters at the NYTimes, BBC, Washington Post, and other media are working round the clock to share the latest pronouncements and orders from the Oval Office, or interpret the latest tweet.


Go back to last summer and the UK’s Brexit decision achieved similar media saturation. Looking ahead, elections this year in the Netherlands, France and Germany will keep the press busy, while the Communist Party in China organises its 19th National Congress in the autumn, which will confirm the leadership and political direction of the country for the next five years.


In such a cluttered political landscape, how can your communication team compete for the attention of the media, and use the news cycle to gain coverage for the expertise and research of your faculty? From Trump to the EU, the environment to Syrian refugees, financial markets to football transfers, there are countless opportunities to engage with editors and reporters if you know where to look, and how to rise above the noise.


In the latest edition of Wildfire, the BlueSky Education team share nine ideas to help you get ahead of the news cycle:

  1. Know what’s trending
  2. Think local to share global
  3. Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist
  4. Showcase your faculty with a prerecording
  5. Use social media as one big search engine
  6. Find a fresh perspective
  7. Plan ahead
  8. Tackle a tough turnaround time
  9. Quick wins for the future


We hope you found these insights helpful.  If you’re thinking about breaking news stories that might be appropriate for your institution to comment on,  the BlueSky Education team would be happy to advise


For the full article download Wildfire Volume 2. Issue 1.


Wildfire Volume 2 Issue 1

Wildfire is a publication dedicated to the university and business education community, filled with media insights and advice on how to improve the visibility and coverage of your institution, staff, and students.

In volume 2. issue 1. you will find analysis and advice from the international team at BlueSky Education for optimising your interaction with the media, including faculty opinion and research expertise. Our feature story provides insights on how and why you should be commenting on breaking news stories.

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