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Five top PR Tips for Recruiters

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If you are  looking to invest either time or money into your first PR campaign then here are my five top tips to ensure that you get the very most out of that investment.


Set Objectives

What do you want to get out of it? What’s the business case? Do you need more clients, more candidates, more people to work for you? You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to get out of PR so that your strategy can be aligned with the right audiences.


Have a Plan

Results won’t happen overnight and you will need a long term and sustained strategy. There is no point in having a flurry of activity in the first few weeks of a campaign and then doing nothing for six months. Any PR activity should be a continuous drip feed.


Use it!

Don’t just put coverage in a folder on reception – they already know who you are. Use it in your own marketing and business development efforts and disseminate it as great content through your social media channels.


Involve your consultants

You have to have the buy in from the team and there needs to be an understanding across the organisation of how consultants will benefit.  Encourage them to take coverage out on client visits to show potential clients that your views are sought after. Explain how being seen as a thought leader can be a key differentiator.  Make sure that they are included from the beginning when you set your objectives.


Measure It

Measure the outcomes.  What’s happened to website traffic? Have your LinkedIn followers on your company page increased? What’s happening with views on LinkedIn profiles? Who are all these people and have you got a plan in place to further engage with them? You should have these metrics in place from the beginning so that you can measure your bang for buck!


I have summarised these tips in a video on our YouTube channel.  To see more videos with further advice, click here

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