Five steps to building an effective online brand

BrandHaving a powerful online presence means more than simply investing in a snazzy website. Evolving client and candidate behaviour means that it is now more important than ever to build an authentic and recognisable presence across an ever-expanding range of platforms. In order for your brand to resonate with your target audience, it needs to instil confidence and trust. Here are our top tips for building an effective online brand:

1. Do your homework. Get to know your audience by researching what platforms they are likely to use and the relevant industry-specific keywords. It’s also wise to check out how social your competitors are. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

2. Consider your objectives. Do you want to monitor what people are saying? Engage with stakeholders? Reduce recruitment costs? Or develop on-going branding for talent attraction? Understanding your goals makes it easier to design an effective social media strategy, as well as measure the continuing effectiveness of the campaign.

3. Look at all your options. Of course you should have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but don’t discount less obvious networks like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare. Be creative, particularly if your existing candidate communities are active across a range of platforms.

4. Consistency is key. Your online brand should be an extension of your offline image and you should ensure that your messaging is consistent across every platform. Make sure that logos, slogans, job titles, and your introductory blurb are strong and harmonious. Professional consistency gives an impression of quality and dependability which is a valuable asset.

5. Share and share alike. Remember, you don’t just want to distribute content – you want to push out sharable material. One blog post or article can reach an infinite number of stakeholders if it is shared effectively. So build those networks and get involved.

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