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Feel sorry for us

Stressful jobsYou very likely think it’s an easy life in PR don’t you. Bang out a few press releases, schmooze at events, lunch with journalists and clients. Piece of cake. When do I start? But nothing could be further from the truth. According to new research (or perhaps it should be ‘research’) by a US website, CareerCast, PR comes in at number 7 in the list of top ten most stressful jobs. The number 1 slot has been taken by serving soldiers (OK, we’ll give them that one – no-one has actually shot at us lately). And I don’t think we can really argue with numbers 2 to 5 either – firefighter, airline pilot, military general and police officer. But ‘event co-ordinator’ at number 6? Do me a favour. Any self respecting PR bod could do that in their sleep. Let’s have some serious competition or we’ll take our ball home and refuse to play anymore.

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