Don’t follow leaders

leaderAs Bob Dylan once said in ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ and perhaps he was right (mind you he also said not to wear sandals and I’ve never quite got to the bottom of that – perhaps there was another bit to the line which said ‘with socks’ but it got edited out). Anyway, let’s focus, even i
f it is the first day back in the office after all the festive fun. The point is that the media always seem to be full of some rent-a-mouth who is apparently an expert on something or other and consequently much better qualified to give their opinion than the rest of us. But what actually qualifies them for this role rather than the sort of self-belief which in some quarters would get you locked up in a nice warm, padded room. As Suzanne Moore quite neatly pointed out in The Guardian before Xmas, much of our willingness to accept this sort of twaddle comes from a desire to ‘sort things out’. A belief that there is an answer to everything. And sometimes, there simply isn’t. Unless it’s about PR, of course, in which case you can rely on us. We’re always right.

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