How can a recruitment company differentiate itself – and is there really any such thing as a USP?

That was the question I posed at a recent round table event with a group of Marketing and Comms specialists from the recruitment sector. All of the delegates agreed that recruitment is a process and consequently there is very little – if anything – that is unique within that process. So isn’t it time we all stopped talking about USPs and begin to talk more about how the way we go about our business actually adds value to our customers – because in essence – that’s all that really matters.

Everyone agreed that it is engagement that is the key rather than selling and there were some good examples at the round table.  It’s the value you add – not the process you go through that is the differentiator.

But how do you define what value you add? Truth, honesty and transparency are words that appear on many recruiters’ websites but how are those values actually demonstrated?

Food for thought?

To download the full whitepaper click here and if you are interested in debating this further I’ll be speaking at Recruitment Live on 3  November on this very topic.