Do PRs know enough about social media?

Social MediaWhen reading through posts in a LinkedIn group, I came across a survey which has found that the majority of PR professionals have not made a concerted effort to know enough about social media.

The survey, carried out by StevensGouldPincus, asked the heads of 116 PR companies in the US about their social media usage. Almost all respondents agreed that it was important to be able to offer social media services to their clients, and recognised they risked losing business if their company was not up to speed in this area. However, only 25% of those surveyed admitted they had good social media knowledge.

I find these results quite difficult to get my head around, as to me, good PR means knowing your client’s aims and objectives, and having the ability to respond to them in the most effective way. This includes using social media. Research has shown that an active social media presence can increase recognition and interest in a company, helping it to expand by attracting more business. Additionally, participation in industry specific discussions and interacting with customers online can help to position a company as a thought leader, and build a good reputation.

We at BlueSky recognise it is important to be able to cover both traditional and digital media for our clients, and because of this we’ve improved our own social media knowledge by undergoing some extensive training sessions. By taking the time to learn how to best use each social media channel, we can provide guidance for our clients and even assist in managing their social media profiles, helping to keep them visibly engaged with their industry and associates.

Our training sessions have helped us improve our own social media profiles too. Recently we’ve created a Pinterest board to showcase our client’s achievements, we’ve aligned our Twitter feeds, upgraded to the latest profile layout on LinkedIn and we’re experimenting with the Facebook app Pagemodo to make our business page more interactive. We’ve even been in front of the camera recently, making a series of short videos about BlueSky, to be released over the coming weeks.

So why not visit our pages to see the improvements we’re making? Social media is always evolving, and so should we be.

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  1. It is an odd phenomenon, but it is true that a lot of PR firms (and other marketing types) are slow on the uptake when it comes to social media. Many just cannot see the immediate value in it, but as with PR itself, it is a marathon and not a sprint…

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