Day two. Write a blog post.

When you’ve just started a new job and you’re asked to write a blog post it could be a good idea to introduce yourself, but it isn’t very original. Background is boring. Or is it?
I could say that I was once in a submarine that sunk. I could tell you that I visited five countries in the same number of days last summer. Maybe you’d like to know that I trained as a journalist.Depositphotos_1626617_m
I’ve spent countless hours watching criminals being convicted, spent too much time attending village fairs and writing up copy to be cut to a paragraph long. You don’t need a journalism degree to work in PR, but I think like a journalist.
I don’t like reading dry press releases and searching for a semi-usable quote. I know what’s interesting and what stands a better chance at avoiding the spike or the bin. Engaging copy with an element of intrigue can come as a joy in an inbox of black and white boredom.
A journalism background could be a real advantage in the PR sphere.
After all, if you’ve been taught how to write effectively, deal with interviews and quotes, conduct yourself in media circles and know when to hold your tongue (or, more importantly, your pen) it’s a pretty robust foundation.
If you want a publication to pick up your press release, it’s important to know what they want in a story.
Straight after a journalism degree and into PR. It makes sense. Perhaps it wasn’t such a winding path to the door of BlueSky PR.
Was this is my first real lesson in PR? Make it relevant. Make it interesting. A bit of background might not be so boring.



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