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hiringAs Barbra Streisand says in the song ‘People’, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Yeah, right – try telling that to our HR manager. But come on, this is good news for someone. BlueSky is on the look-out for a new team member and it could be you. So what are we looking for? Well of course we want all the usual stuff – great communicator, creative, good juggler of several projects at one time, a driving licence (there is a bus service that passes our office but you’d be better off walking). But the important things are a real interest in writing and the ability to deliver compelling copy in everything from tweets to lengthy articles and an understanding of the commercial use of social media and how to use all the tools and platforms available. After that we’re willing to listen to who you are and what you want. A relatively new graduate wanting that first account exec role. An account exec wanting a move up to account management. An account manager after a sensible, supportive environment and some really stimulating clients. Just drop me an email at – let’s talk!

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