Case Study: Antal International

For those still not convinced of the benefits a bit of PR can do, we’ll be featuring a range of case studies to show you what you can do, and often on a small budget.

Campaign: The Global Snapshot

Client: Antal International

Budget: £25,000 annual budget

Antal International, a management recruitment specialist, operating in 30 countries worldwide, appointed BlueSky PR to look at the marketing challenges generated by its global reach. Whilst the 75 individual offices were well known within their domestic markets, its overall global brand awareness amongst potential candidates and clients needed improving. Antal asked BlueSky to come up with a campaign.


  • To raise awareness of the Antal brand on a global basis
  • To keep the costs of the project down. Previous quotes from a major international PR firm had come in at £350,000 annually.

Strategy and plan: 

In order to keep the cost of the project down without sacrificing quality, the PR team came up with the idea of a simple quarterly survey which would monitor hiring and firing levels of managers and professionals in key markets around the world. The PR team knew this would appeal to both specialist and generalist media because employment trends are often are a reliable indicator of wider economic ones.

The survey, limited to four basic questions – are you hiring now, do you plan to hire in the next three months, are you firing now, are you planning to hire in the next three months, was carried out by Antal’s own consultants. The PR team reasoned that by including the consultants in the research would not only keep costs down, but also provide a valuable business development opportunity giving them a reason to contact potential clients.

With the research completed, the PR team turned it into a written report and then produced press releases tailored to each country.  The report was used for marketing purposes and the press releases were distributed on a global basis.  The PR team produced a ‘guide to dealing with the media’ so individual offices could distribute the releases to the local media without incurring large fees to use a news wire service.

Measurement and evaluation

The campaign generated hundreds of pieces of coverage in diverse media such as the Financial Times, CNN, Spain’s El Mundo, The Times of China, the Gulf’s Arabian Business, as well as TV interviews on stations such as CNBC.  All this has resulted in brand recognition and credibility on a global basis.


As a direct result of the survey, Antal secured several new clients on a global basis. This included companies in the UK, Netherlands, China, Poland, India and the Middle East. During the 2 months following the release of the survey, the Antal website also experienced a 20% increase in unique users.

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