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Can designer clothes help you in an interview?

Fashion & InterviewsSocial media is an integral part of my job and as such, I often find myself looking through Twitter for interesting articles, or announcements that may be useful for clients. Some things you see are relevant, some are funny, and some are just odd! The latest article I read has to come under the latter. The title of the piece ‘Wear A Designer Logo To An Interview To Get Offered A 9% Higher Salary’ caught my eye, and although I knew instantly that I didn’t agree with what it said, I had to click the link.

Some may say the headline did its job; it was attention grabbing and therefore drew me to the website.  Well yes it did make me read the article, but it also made me question the validity of the research, and the results. If we take a closer look at the article, we see that the study was carried out by two researchers at a University in the Netherlands. The findings suggest two things, firstly you will get paid more if you wear a designer label at an interview, and second that you will also perform better in the eyes of the interviewer if wearing a designer clothes.

I’m not one for dismissing genuine, accurate research. After all, my job frequently requires me to analyse data from clients and formulate it into a report or article for the press. However, I do find it hard to believe that the research in this article can be an accurate reflection of the way interviewers decide on who they recruit.  So for all those involved in recruitment, what’s your view on this research?

You may have read that we are currently looking for people to join us, for anyone that is on the hunt for a new exciting position, have a look at our previous post. And rest assured, we won’t be hiring someone based upon their designer wardrobe!

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