Social Media

BlueSky’s Top Tips for identifying successful social media platforms

Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in our personal and business lives, but how can you ensure you’re using the right platform in the right way for your company? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Get your ‘home base’ in play first. Whether it be a blog or a careers site, your ‘home base’ is where you are directing the traffic you pick up across other platforms. So make sure it represents your brand effectively.
  • Do your homework to get to know your audience. Research what platforms they are likely to use and the relevant industry-specific keywords that appeal to them.
  • You don’t have to post content across every channel. Choose your platform carefully, if your audience isn’t on this site you’ll be wasting your time so make sure you go where they are.
  • Consider your objectives. Do you want to monitor what people are saying? Engage with stakeholders? Reduce recruitment costs? Or develop on-going branding for attraction purposes? Your social media strategy will vary for each of these objectives so be very clear what you want to achieve from the off.
  • Content for social media can be created, collated and aggregated. Fresh content is valuable but it takes time to create. Curated content (where opinion is used to enhance existing material) and aggregated content (where multiple feeds are compiled into one stream) can be just as important. But don’t look in the obvious places. If your audience wants a BBC news feed they can subscribe directly.
  • Look at all your options. Don’t discount less obvious networks like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare – be creative. There are some great examples of companies that are making these networks work for them. For example Marriott Careers makes great use of its Instagram page and American consultancy PediaStaff has over 47,000 followers on its Pinterest page.
  • Monitor social media activity. Take time to evaluate which blogs are working, which tweets are being shared and how traffic is reaching your home base. Activity indicators include subscribers, followers, page views and likes – but hard successes may include an increase in clients and candidates.
  • Don’t forget to share. Remember, you don’t just want to distribute content ­– you want to push out shareable copy. One blog post or article can reach an infinite number of stakeholders if it is shared effectively.

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