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BlueSky’s latest recruit – Kerry Gill

Hi, my name is Kerry and I am one of four new additions to the BlueSky PR team.

This is my first venture into the world of PR, and despite having a lot to learn I’m looking forward to getting involved and showing people (including me) what I’m capable of… after I’ve finished the training programme that is!

My ideal job hasn’t always been PR, and until recently I’d channelled my energies towards journalism. Writing has always been my passion, and as a student I ensured I found work with local radio stations and newspapers. I went on to complete a degree in Multimedia Journalism in 2008.

After graduation, my career path took a wholly different direction from what I’d imagined, and rather than working my way up from the bottom of the local paper, I found myself working first as a recruitment adviser, and later for a university in a secretarial / administrative role – hardly the ideal start for a budding journalist, or so I thought. Whilst I’d never envisaged myself in either of these professions, I discovered that I adored them both. I got the most enjoyment from building relationships with those I collaborated with on various projects, and using that bond to create something unique and beneficial. Then came my interest in PR, a perfect way to combine my writing and communication skills, and get to be a crucial part of journalism today.

Outside of work I like nothing more than to lose myself in a book, or a film for a few hours. I also love live music, and Formula 1 which has me hooked each season.

I’ve joined BlueSky on the Education side of the business, and I’m hoping that my job history and qualifications will help me find my feet so that I can become a valuable member of the team.

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