Beware – it’s Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas. You know what that means – presents, turkey, carols, and apparently danger according to the many press releases about the festive season (sigh). I was wondering whether to blog about this or not – after all, it’s only a fellow PR person trying to do their job – even if they do send out the same ‘beware at the Christmas party’ release every year. But then I saw a press release today that convinced me that I should (see #1). Reading these, anyone would think that Christmas should just be cancelled as quite frankly it’s just too risky – surely Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some over-indulgence?!

If these are the stories coming out of PR land, should we advise the PR world to give up and start their Christmas holiday early? Or are they doing their job well, seeing as though I am sat here writing about them? You decide: here are my top 5 festive press releases (AKA top 5 rubbish press releases of the month):

1. Santa promotes unhealthy lifestyle (no, I didn’t make this up)

2. Beware of popping corks

3. Festive feasting should carry a health warning

4. Managers should ensure they don’t do anything they would regret at the Christmas party

5. Beware unsafe holiday lights

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