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Beware of fake awards

Awards – it’s great to be a winner! But… because we all love to win, scam artists have cottoned on and now bombard you with opportunities to show the world that you are the number one …as decided by… hmmm… who exactly?  Beware of fake awards.


Let’s name and shame a real illustration of how daft this whole fake awards merry go round has become.


I get an email from European Manufacturers 2017 Magazine entitled “An invitation for Tracey at BlueSky PR Ltd.” It’s very exciting. It says:

I’m following up to see if you received my previous email regarding your possible inclusion in Corporate Vision’s forthcoming edition: European Manufacturers of 2017. Taking into consideration BlueSky PR Ltd’s achievements over 2016 following extensive research by our in-house team, we’d be delighted to recognise you as:

European Manufacturer 2017 Managing Director – UK

Throughout the research process, our team reviewed client testimonials, significant changes and industry sectors that matched with the professions of our readership to ensure that BlueSky PR Ltd reaches out to their clientele. Our publication provides a platform for our winners to showcase their award and furthermore, promote their services to our readership of 130,000 executives, MDs, CEOs and Marketers worldwide. In addition, our website has 60,000 visitors every month and a following of 5000 across our social media channels. As our winner, we would like to feature you and company in our next issue and interview you on your success.


Guess what, it’s only going to cost me £600 and only another £200 for a personalised trophy!


I emailed them back to tell them how delighted I was but wondered, given their extensive research, what it was that BlueSky had actually manufactured to gain this fantastic accolade… I’m still waiting for a reply.


Awards are great – as long as they are real. At the last recruitment recruitment marketing masterclass we ran with Barclay Jones, Lisa delivered a great session on getting ROI from awards. But don’t fall for the trick of people trying to prey on your vanity – make sure they are real.  For more awards tips check out her blog post and make sure you register for our next masterclass.


Tracey Barrett


Author: Tracey Barrett


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