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Mental health in the workplace

Why you should address mental health in the workplace

In honour of mental
health awareness week, we at BlueSky are keen to raise awareness around the common
– but perhaps not as sufficiently discussed – issue of mental health at work – and
why it’s vital that businesses today address this.

Currently, with a whopping 70 million working days lost each year due to poor mental health, it’s clear that as well as impacting employees this can have repercussions for employers too. For example, a recent Deloitte report revealed that poor mental health can cost UK businesses an estimated £33bn-£42bn each year. On top

ommunicate your message effectively: presentation skills

The PR toolkit to communicating and presenting

We often hear about the importance of having good
presentation skills in life. But while for some, the idea of presentations seems
exciting and a great way to communicate their thoughts – for others the idea of
public speaking and presenting can understandably fill them with dread. It can
be an utterly nerve wracking experience standing up in front of a crowd – no
matter what the subject matter is. However, presenting skills are crucial in
the art of communication, and particularly important when pitching for new
business, training a team or if you are involved in public speaking.

maximising your brand

Maximising your brand through a winning PR strategy

Branding and PR are key
ingredients to the success of any business. Therefore, from the word go it’s important
a company has established its brand identity, message and image it wants to put
out there. Similarly, in order to maximise your brand, a PR strategy is a vital
tool for helping organisations grow an industry presence, communicate their
message and further their reach.

In essence, to get the most out of your business you need the two to work in tandem as they influence each other. With this in mind, here are three key ways

Inspiring PR Strategies: Key takeaways from the Cision CommsCon event

Joining hundreds of PR professionals for a day of insight, debate and discussion, I recently attended the #CommsCon 2018 event hosted by Cision. Designed to inspire PR and comms strategies for the year ahead, attendees heard first hand from major brands and journalists, topics included: how roles in the industry have changed; what stories they want to hear from PRs; how to ensure your creating content with a purpose; and the best approach to crisis management.
Below are the key takeaways from the event to help inspire your 2019 PR strategy.
Purpose driven content … why does it matter?

disability in recruitment

Disability in Recruitment – what’s the next step?

We recently attended a roundtable hosted by The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI), which aims solely to break down the barriers facing disabled people in the workforce. On the day, attendees came together to discuss the hurdles disabled individuals face and how the recruitment industry must work together to truly make a difference. The main theme centred on how we can enable technology for disabled talent and the impact it is currently having.
Attendees discussed the types of technologies available which are designed to help those with impairments and disabilities. Challenges voiced ranged from ways to alter the application process,

NFL player kneeling during national anthem

The Nike scandal – what can PR professionals learn?

You may have heard about the bold move from global sports company Nike, selecting Colin Kaepernick, (ex-NFL player and US civil rights activist) as the new face of its global advertising campaign.
Since his refusal to stand during the national anthem, to protest his beliefs on the country’s oppression of people of colour and injustice, Kaepernick has been a prominent figure causing quite the controversy. But did Nike make the right choice in choosing him to celebrate its 30th anniversary?
Yes. Based on the overall success of the campaign and an examination of Nike stock after launching the advert it

PR key for candidate attraction

Why PR is key for candidate attraction

As partners of The Recruitment Network (TRN) we recently attended a Directors Briefing event where industry representatives came together to discuss the biggest hurdles firms face today in attracting talent. The main themes focused around sourcing new skills to pipeline future growth and where agencies are going wrong when there is the opportunity to get it right.
Challenges voiced by attendees ranged from how to creatively motivate existing employees, to attracting new skills and, looking at sourcing candidates in ways that differ from traditional methods.
With this in mind, below are some top tips to get the ball rolling and

women in recruitment

Women in Recruitment – what’s the next step?

As partners of The Recruitment Network (TRN) we recently attended the Women in Recruitment roundtable where industry representatives came together to discuss the biggest hurdles facing females in recruitment today. The main themes focused on why increasingly talented women are leaving roles early in their careers before they reach senior positions and the reasons behind this.
Challenges voiced around the table ranged from the gender pay gap in recruitment, potential discrimination such as age, and the lack of role models in the industry. In particular, we looked at whether the culture of recruitment means that women either leave the industry

shock tactics in PR

Do shock tactics in PR really work?

We know all too well; the same generic type of careers pages can sometimes fail to engage and attract the best individuals which can result in top-talent going amiss. For many businesses and marketing teams there is the challenge of being tasked to regularly provide informative, creative and attention-grabbing PR campaigns. And while this will often be tailored to certain objectives or showcasing new products which can affect how the campaign is executed – there are still key strategies to bear in mind.
Recently we have seen things going awry with big brands under fire for their somewhat suggestive adverts.

piggybacking tips

The magic of ‘piggybacking’

Jumping on the latest news can be one of the most effective ways to generate content for your recruitment agency. Not only does it show that you are ‘on the ball’ and efficient but also dedicated to the client and their reputation. But in a digital 24/7 world, you have to act fast amongst the rest. Recognising the appetite for pressing subjects and topical events such as International Women’s Day and National Apprenticeship Week are great ways to keep you one step ahead and achieve prime time coverage.
So here are some top tips to maintain a rapid smart-proof response

Getting ROI from your PR: A round up from Recruitment Agency Expo

Getting ROI from your PR: A round up from Recruitment Agency Expo

Last week was the annual Recruitment Agency Expo at London Olympia, where recruitment professionals gathered to hear from industry experts, network with peers and get all the latest info on the UK’s staffing sector.
Among the many influential speakers stood BlueSky’s very own Managing Director, Tracey Barrett. So for those that missed out, here’s a roundup of Tracey’s presentation on Getting ROI from your PR.
Firstly let’s start with the basics, why does PR and marketing really matter in recruitment and why should you bother?
As Tracey discussed at the conference, it’s a crowded market out there. Last year alone

All I want for PR 2018 – the good and the bad

New Year, new start and a new world of PR?
In the ever changing society we live it can be hard to keep up. But let’s face it, scarily 2018 is fast approaching us and many are unsure of what the New Year might bring.
Far from finite, it seems the pace of new innovation is rising at an alarming speed and if we aren’t careful, soon we may find ourselves wading through a haze of advanced technology and myriad of creative innovations for the New Year. But what about PR and marketing? Erring on the side of caution, these

Following a passion

Following a passion

Hello all, my name is Zahra and having recently graduated last year, I am Bluesky’s newest recruit!
To give a brief background, from a young age, the theme of career and what I would pursue had always been at the forefront. When it comes to the taboo on career paths and pressure to succeed, there are many reasons we factor in. They often say it’s never too late to follow your passion and to choose something important to you. If you pick something you enjoy you will only work harder to achieve and excel, which is why I knew PR