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Business Education Conference

How PRs should prepare for business education conferences

Business education conferences can be very productive, but they can be a
stressful experience if you do not prepare properly.

Attending a conference takes a lot of time, travel and energy, therefore
it is vital to be prepared before you go so that you’re not rushing around at
the last minute, or when you get there!

Organisation, taking initiative, and acquiring additional knowledge on
the business education sector before the event is key when it comes to
preparing for a conference. All of these things will massively boost your
experience overall.

PR Highlights

April Coverage Highlights

April brought another busy month for the BlueSky Education team, with
our clients gaining much exposure in international, national and trade news
outlets. Below we take a look at just a few examples of the fantastic pieces of
media coverage we have attained this month.

BlueSky secured an in-depth article in Forbes that featured a number of our clients. This article was called ‘Game of European Thrones: An Essential Guide to Management Styles in Europe’, and gave a detailed analysis of managerial methods across Europe with quotes from various professors from UK and European business


Introducing Olivia Nieberg

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I had spent three exciting and fast paced years studying in Manchester,
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I had been so caught up in my life up there that when it all came to a rather
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