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Instagram Influencer Marketing

Should business schools use influencer marketing and PR?

When we think of influencer marketing and PR, some may wonder
what use it really holds outside of promoting charcoal toothpaste or online
clothing brands. One assumption we make is that those with the most followers
are the most valuable. And, perhaps, they are. Even for business schools,
having a shout out from Kylie Jenner, with her 130 million Instagram followers,
would surely cause a surge in applications from around the globe. Some may not
be candidates that would usually be considered, but we know that Generation Z
is especially entrepreneurial and it’s hard to miss the inspiration they

What PRs can learn from Fyre Festival

What PRs can learn from Fyre Festival

If you are social media savvy, live in North America or are under the age of 25, you may have already heard of the catastrophe that was Fyre Festival. Or if, like me, you have been doing Dry January, you may have discovered it through the documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, which recently aired on Netflix.

The festival, ‘organised’ by Magnesis entrepreneur, Billy
McFarland, and rapper, Ja Rule, saw the first few waves of its guests greeted
with wet mattresses, battered hurricane tents and perhaps the most retweeted
cheese sandwiches on Twitter

Needle in a Maystack: Making your Brexit pitch stand out

Brexit has become hard to escape. It seems that every time you open a newspaper, turn on the radio or check your rear-view mirror, BAM there it is.
As I write, Theresa May has just received two hundred votes of confidence and is heading back to Brussels to try and renegotiate parts of her deal. I know this because I heard it on the radio as I was driving to work and, when I got there, it was the front pages of the Financial Times and the Times on my desk.
Suffice to say, it’s a pretty busy time for

Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask

Why Guy Fawkes’ flame won’t go out

The 5th November marks the 413th anniversary of the failure of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.
Led by Robert Catesby, this group of Roman Catholic activists had suffered persecution during the 45 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Against all their hopes, Protestant King James I ascended to the throne and declared that Catholics were still not free to practice their religion.
So, the plotters laced a cellar in the House of Lords with gunpowder but were rumbled last minute when Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed by a group of guards. He was tortured for

generation z PR

How Generation Z will change the face of PR

As Russian tourists flock to Salisbury Cathedral and Theresa May accidentally summons ancient demons with her dance moves, the oldest Millennials begin to turn 40. It’s an absurd time to be alive.
In the wake of our aging, Generation Z, the oldest of whom are 23, is preparing to take the workforce by storm. A generation borne of digital innovation and social progression, these individuals embody a number of characteristics that are sure to spark change in many sectors, particularly PR.
The effects on this generation of growing up with a smartphone and instant internet access, as opposed to the

Could good PR save Elon Musk?

It has been an interesting few weeks for Elon Musk.
His recent tweet that he had “funding secured” to take Tesla, a $50bn public company, private, sparked a wealth of problems for regulators, investors and his board.
Although initially stocks jumped in value, it came to light that the tweet was not approved by anyone else at the company and that funding was not completely secured. This provoked an investigation by US financial regulators into whether the tweet broke trading laws, sending stocks plummeting and costing investors millions.
Musk also faced criticism for his choice of listing stock value as

Kanye West, the connoisseur of disastrous PR 

As one of the 51.9 million following Donald Trump on Twitter, his April exchange with Kanye West left me baffled – and not just at the meaning of ‘We are both dragon energy’. 

You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.
— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) 25 April 2018

Thank you Kanye, very cool!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

The politics of PR

The Politics of PR

Business and politics have intertwined for thousands of years, to the point where they are almost impossible to unpick.
For PRs working within the business sector, it is crucial to have an awareness of current events, particularly at a time when the future of our trade and relationship with the EU hangs in the balance.
This week, some of Britain’s top business leaders took part in an FT City Network panel, where they decried management greed, corporate tax dodging and investor short-termism as factors rendering the current state of capitalism defective and in need of reform and modernisation.

Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work

Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work

So, what is Industry 4.0 and the future of work?
Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, began as an initiative for the manufacturing sector, which was suffering from dwindling productivity. The scheme was initially a reaction to the global over-reliance on financial services sectors, which had grown exponentially over the last few decades.
Factory of the Future
The main technologies that comprise Industry 4.0 include artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things and robotics. Combined, these technologies will be used within the manufacturing sector to create the ‘Factory of the Future’ . This will be a web of

The most hated buzzwords

Buzzwords: The most productive meeting in the world

‘You know what will make our meeting more productive? Buzzwords!’ exclaimed the millennial, accustomed to throwing disruptive innovation around the boardroom.
‘Buzzwords??’ cried the Generation X, lean leadership guru as he planned his exit strategy.
Tracey, MD of BlueSky PR, agreed with this 110%. She thought it was quite a unique idea. Not totally unique, you understand, just a bit.
‘Well let’s just be clear about one thing…” started Chris Johnson.
But before he could finish his thought process, Kerry had shelved his discussion. ‘I think the really important point is that we touch base on

Skill Your PR Skills

A career in PR would be unsuccessful without….

Pinning down the exact qualities that make someone a success in PR is a hard task. Some bloggers don’t bother to delve deeper than the obvious; organised, good communicator, able to multitask. But I’m not sure that goes very far in demonstrating why you would be a great PR, rather than just a good employee, or the PR skills you have to offer.
Then there are those who are oddly specific, or even philosophical about the task, perhaps romanticising their own qualities or copying directly from their own CV when they recommend that you are able to synchronise swim

How to get attention: How to write a headline

How to write a headline

The art of writing catchy headlines is the difference between your article, or blog, reaching the eyes of your targeted readers – or disappearing into the ether as they scroll / flick disinterestedly past. Learning how to write a headline is key to both PR and content marketing.
Many a well-written article, even those with ground-breaking content, has slipped under the radar because the title didn’t entice readers.
So, how do you write a headline that gets clicked?
Pique an audience’s interest and grab their attention.
Headline dos

Consider your audience
Be bold – or even contrary – as well

like and share

Why and how to coax employees to share your content

Why should your employees be sharing your content?  What are the benefits to you as a business school, university or business?
Your office phone might go to voice mail after 5pm.  You might stop answering your emails.  But for the majority, prime social media browsing time is just beginning.  We browse during our commutes.  We browse while we’re watching TV.  We browse just before we go to bed at night and again when we first wake up in the morning.  Alerts come through on our phones the moment we receive a message or we’re tagged in a post.  Social

Social Recruitment

Social Recruitment – a shifting platform?

LinkedIn has long been viewed as the social platform of choice for recruiters, but in a shifting global market sites such as Twitter and Facebook are beginning to contend with the company that once monopolised social recruitment. And with 86% of recruiters saying they expect the competition for talent to become even more fierce in the next year industry professionals are looking to get the competitive advantage by engaging with candidates across a wider variety of platforms.
The perception of LinkedIn as a ‘holy grail’ is a risky one. With 94% of recruiters globally saying they use LinkedIn

Marketing Tool

Using Media Coverage as a Marketing Tool.

The constant evolution of social media means the way in which we communicate with each other is changing at an accelerating pace. And while traditional media continues to maintain its standing in the industry landscape, sites such as Twitter and Facebook can now boast the advantages of being more up to date and considerably easier to access.
Brand Communication
As a result social media has become a key pillar of brand communication. On these sites content is often targeted at a specific audience and active engagement is facilitated by the ability to easily share and respond to posts.


Halloween: a lesson in bad taste

Oh Halloween, a time we’ve all come to love, cherish and totally misunderstand the origins of. Unless, that is, you are one of those October scrooges who announces that they “don’t do fancy dress” and puts apples in children’s trick-or treat baskets. Or, you know, a druid. Then you can cancel out at least one of the above.
One thing we should all be thankful for is that Halloween is an excellent practice in identifying bad taste and, in fact, allows you all to see a tiny glimpse into the world of PR. So when you remind your

Stephanie King featured in PR Moment on where all the PR people go

Stephanie King, head of our recruitment practice, has been featured in PR Moment discussing where all the PR people go. She suggests that because of a wide range of transferable skills gained in the industry, options for a career change are always open. Read the full article here.

Carly Smith featured in PR Moment on her typical PR schedule

Our senior account executive, Carly Smith, has been featured in PR Moment documenting what her typical PR schedule entails. Read the full article here.


Is PR an alien topic?

Reputedly slower for news are the long, hazy (we wish) summer months. Not only are 99% of the workforce on holiday, but school traffic is a distant memory and we have all just rediscovered Pimms – hardly factors leading to increased crime levels. It just seems that there isn’t much happening. Well, so we thought…
I can’t help but notice that in the last few months, I have increasingly been disgruntled by more and more news articles purporting to let me in on a little secret – aliens exist, they are here and they have always been here.

Tracey Barrett featured in Recruitment International on brand identity

Tracey Barrett has been featured in Recruitment International on how to build a strong brand. These tips are a must-read for any new start or anyone looking to reinvent their company’s image. To read the article, please follow this link.

BlueSky PR’s monthly marketing tip in UK Recruiter’s newsletter

This month’s media tip: Make sure to distribute your coverage on your social media platforms and implement it into your marketing strategy. Click here to read in full.

BlueSky PR has been highly commended in the Inclusive Comms category in the ENEI Awards 2015

We are delighted to announce that BlueSky was highly commended in the Inclusive Comms category at the Employer’s Network for Equality and Inclusion Awards. This is in recognition of the work we are doing in raising the profile of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative – a cause which our team feels very strongly about.

Tracey Barrett featured in the Global Recruiter | "Getting Read – Getting Shared"

Content is central to any good PR strategy. But how do you create great content that will not only be read, but shared? Read Tracey Barrett’s top tips here.

Wildfire – the regular guide to best practice in b-school marcomms and PR

Wildfire – the regular guide to best practice in b-school marcomms and PR. Volume1, Issue 2. To download the full report, please click here.

BlueSky PR featured in Career Builder on how to get a job in PR

BlueSky PR has been featured in an article in Career Builder on “5 ways to land a job in PR”. With tips on how to wow potential employers as well as insider information on what recruiters will be looking for in candidates, this article isn’t to be missed if you want to pursue a career in PR.
To read the full article, please click here.

BlueSky PR has been short-listed for the Inclusive Comms category in the ENEI Awards 2015

The Employer’s Network for Equality and Inclusion Awards nationally recognise and celebrate the achievements of organisations that have taken a lead in challenging discrimination and are working inclusively to tap into their talented workforce. We have been short-listed for the Inclusive Comms category at the ENEI Awards 2015 for the campaign we are doing for the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative.
Please click here to see event details.

Stephanie Mullins featured in The Independent on the benefits of standing desks

Stephanie Mullins talks about the health benefits of working whilst standing during office hours as part of a piece on reducing the risk of serious medical conditions:
“Treating our bodies right nine to five, as well as the hours outside the office, has become important to many office workers today. Something that I think we should all be encouraging more.”
To read the full article, click here.

writers' block

Writers’ block: turning digital

With the rise of social media, workplace email and hand-held devices, it would appear that we are writing more frequently than ever before. Well, typing I suppose. But is this digitalised change in medium resulting in the rapid modification of our language that we have seen in the last few years? And what lies ahead?
I’m not suggesting that in twenty years’ time, we will worship a giant, all-seeing yet half-eaten apple in the sky whilst we quietly whisper old wives’ tales to each other about pens and paper. But what I am suggesting is that the way we

Tracey Barrett featured in the Guardian | An expert guide to getting a job in PR

Tracey Barrett has been featured in the Guardian’s “An expert guide to getting a job in PR”. Particularly aimed at those who have just graduated – or are about to – this is a fantastic collection of pieces of advice from experts all over the industry on how to stand out from the crowd and impress during the application process. If you are interested in a career in PR, this article is definitely for you. Read more here.

Tracey Barrett featured in the Guardian | An expert guide to getting a job in PR

Tracey Barrett has been featured in the Guardian’s “An expert guide to getting a job in PR”. Particularly aimed at those who have just graduated – or are about to – this is a fantastic collection of pieces of advice from experts all over the industry on how to stand out from the crowd and impress during the application process. If you are interested in a career in PR, this article is definitely for you. Read more here.

Physician heal thyself? The recruitment sector employer brand challenge

Why is the recruitment sector historically so bad at hiring its own talent? Are internal recruiters working together with marketing – and should they? The findings presented here are the results of a think tank which brought together a number of senior managers and directors responsible for marketing, internal recruitment and the employer brand to discuss the challenges of developing that all important employee value proposition. Please click here to download the report in full.

Protein World

What Protein World can teach us about ourselves

Often, on our Facebook page, we jokingly point out our “PR fails” of the week, which have so far included the overhaul of the Conservatives’ #SameOldLabour campaign, and Lego’s off-topic haircut advice for little girls. But the one that has really stood out in recent times is the case of Protein World’s “Are you beach body ready?” campaign.
Unsurprisingly, yet in all probability in keeping with the kind of establishment that has relished recent comparisons of their company to headline-grabbing, boat-burning figure of controversy Katie Hopkins, the “beach body” in question isn’t exactly a body that is representative

BlueSky PR’s monthly marketing tip in UK Recruiter’s newsletter

BlueSky’s monthly marketing tip: Invest time in quality content rather than money in SEO. Read more here.

BlueSky PR’s monthly marketing tip in UK Recruiter’s newsletter

BlueSky’s monthly marketing tip: Invest time in quality content rather than money in SEO. Read more here.

Tracey Barrett featured in The Guardian Q&A | Make your career go viral with a job in PR

Tracey Barrett has taken part in a live Q&A in the Guardian on the topic “Make your career go viral with a job in PR”. With sage advice on starting your career, tips on writing your CV and advice on how to construct a successful application, this is an absolute must-read for anyone thinking about a career in PR. Read the full article here.

Toughest Interview Questions

The toughest interview questions and how to answer them

Last week, the media was hit with articles professing to know the “10 toughest interview questions” of all time, rendering offices everywhere pensive, interviewers inspired, and jobseekers mildly nauseous. We all like to think we’d be ready for any interview, poised, brimming with knowledge and somewhere on the spectrum of a highly caffeinated cross between Legally Blonde and Rain Man. So how do potential employers catch us off guard? How best to respond to questions designed to catch you out? And, when the going gets tough, “WWBSD?” What would BlueSky do?
As hard as it may be at times

6CATS (formerly CXC Global) appoints BlueSky PR for global campaign

BlueSky PR, the specialist PR and communications consultancy for the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors, has won the contract for a PR campaign that will promote awareness of 6CATS (formerly CXC Global), a world-leading contractor management company operating in over 70 countries.
Working with both agencies and individuals, 6CATS (formerly CXC Global) manages regulatory and tax processes for contractors wherever they work in the world. Specialising in risk, regulation and compliance, 6CATS (formerly CXC Global) has over 20 years of experience. Read the full article here.

Stephanie King featured in “Why PR gets recruitment wrong” in PR Moment

Stephanie King, Head of the Recruitment Practice here at BlueSky, comments on the challenges PR organisations can face during the hiring process. With advice on the most effective methods of recruitment and the importance of creating talent pipelines, this article is an interesting and unmissable read. See the full article here…


Lessons of womanhood for those contemplating becoming – or continuing to be – a woman.

Sandwiched as we are between International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, my mind has been dwelling on questions of what, exactly, it is to be a woman in 2015. Try as I might, I can’t seem to put my finger on it – is it an instinctive, maternal compassion for others? No, I am not delusional. Is it a pride in our long struggle for equality? No, that isn’t what we are, it’s what we have already achieved. Ah! So is it long, glossy blonde hair and a fabulous pair of heels? No, unless you are looking at the

BlueSky PR wins contract to promote Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative awards

BlueSky PR, the specialist PR and communications consultancy for the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors, has won a contract to help RPO Guidant Group to promote the RIDI awards.
RIDI, The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative is concerned not only with current issues of disability in the workplace, but with enlisting the help of recruitment companies to remove the barriers that face millions of disabled candidates. Read the full article here.

MSI Group appoints BlueSky PR

BlueSky PR, the specialist PR and communications consultancy for the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors has been appointed to handle a PR campaign that will promote awareness of MSI Group, whose sector companies provide innovative recruitment services in the global healthcare arena. Read the full article here.

Stephanie Mullins on the power of “I don’t know” in Behind The Spin

Our very own Stephanie Mullins has been published in Behind The Spin with an article on the power of “I don’t know”. It acknowledges how interviewees can feel like they are expected to know everything, or that they will be at a disadvantage if they admit a gap in their knowledge to an interviewer. Stephanie argues that this transparency will not eclipse the other desirable qualities you display and may even be beneficial as it shows courage and willingness to learn. Though directed at recent graduates, this article provides sage advice for interviewees at any stage in their careers. See

Alexandra Dobocan writes on the lessons she has learnt at BlueSky PR in Behind The Spin

Alexandra Dobocan has written an informative article for Behind The Spin about the lessons she has learnt from her colleagues here at BlueSky PR. Aimed at students and those embarking on a career in PR, she passes the torch of knowledge and gives in-depth advice on all the things she wishes she had known when she started working in a Public Relations role. Read the full article here…

Graduate Jobseeking

Plenty more fish with a CV | A Valentine’s guide for graduate jobseekers

Speaking as a 20-something graduate with big aspirations but limited experience, I think I represent a huge demographic of people searching for their “big break”, or even for their first step onto the career ladder. There is nothing romantic about trawling through reams of job adverts, filling out countless application forms, or the terror-inducing sound of your alarm clock on an interview day. In fact, it can seem like the world is out to get you, or at least have a good laugh at you, when applying for a (usually unpaid) placement in order to land your first job,

The challenge of marketing in today’s Recruitment sector: BlueSky’s second Think Tank featured in Global Recruiter

BlueSky PR’s second Think Tank in the Global Recruiter focuses on the challenge of marketing in today’s recruitment sector. Check out pages 30 and 31.

Social Media

The things nobody tells you about using social media to enhance your business

Like it or not, we live in an age where social media plays a huge part in both our personal and professional lives. A simple two seconds could seemingly tell you everything you need to know about how to use social media as a tool to enhance your business, but after reading three or four pages of the same “direct your basic content at your clients’ demographic” advice, you will probably have zoned out mentally, or maybe even literally by clicking some page-side link to an interesting and very relevant article. So rather than repeating what everybody is

Social Media

BlueSky’s Top Tips for identifying successful social media platforms

Social media plays a huge role in our personal and business lives, but how can you ensure you’re using the right platform in the right way for your company? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Get your ‘home base’ in play first. Whether it be a blog or a careers site, your ‘home base’ is where you are directing the traffic you pick up across other platforms. So make sure it represents your brand effectively.

Do your homework to get to know your audience. Research what platforms they are likely to use and the

Roger Tweedy Q&A

Q&A with Roger Tweedy, Head of Communications at APSCo

Why do you use PR?
·         Public relations is the art of engaging stakeholders through the media and influencing opinion. This makes it an essential part of the marketing mix for any trade body.
·         In today’s socially connected world, public relations is more important than ever before.  A single well placed tweet can be worth more than an entire advertising budget.
·         Public relations is usually our most cost-effective form of marketing.
What would your advice be to anyone looking to introduce PR into their business?
·       It’s usually a good move – especially if you’re

New Recruit

A new addition to the team!

Hi, I’m Natalie and it is with great enthusiasm that I write this blog to say hello as the newest member of the BlueSky PR team. I will be working on the recruitment side of the business as an administrator and am keen to learn as much as I possibly can to lay the foundations for a future career in PR here at BlueSky.
Just over a year ago, I graduated with a degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield and set my heart on a career which would combine my love of writing and creativity