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Viral press release

How to write a viral press release on academic research

Its trendy at the moment to say the ‘press release is dead’.
And while I would agree that the media industry has gone through a dramatic shift
in recent years, that doesn’t necessarily mean the demise of the press release.

The problem is there’s a lot of wordy press releases sent to
the wrong people which ultimately end up in the deleted folder of journalist’s
emails. I think it’s fair to say that press releases have a PR problem.  However, if it’s done right, the trusty press
release is still a quick and effective way to

Business School PR: Storytelling - once upon a time

Why storytelling is vital to Business School PR

Why we tell MBA stories to increase applications for Business Schools

Storytelling is often considered vital for human survival. It’s how we have communicated since we were sat in caves – I think it is just as important now as it was then. And in the world of PR there often needs to be an emphasis on storytelling over selling.

I truly believe that in order to successfully engage with the media and secure meaningful press coverage PRs need to be telling a story, a powerful story that educates and entertains

Merry Christmas

Christmas tips for PRs

The media industry often sees Christmas
as a time to wind down and relax and even minimise pitching or distributing
press releases. However, I think Christmas can offer PR’s gems of wisdom and
tips, below I have summarised my top three.

1. Make a list, check it twice

Making strong journalist lists is pivotal
to being a good PR person, especially if you are dealing with a number of
different journalists and media opportunities at the same time.

Santa Claus makes a list of all the

top 5 tips for higher education PRs

Top 5 tips for higher education PRs

If you want to be a good PR person you need an effective strategy, working in the media is competitive and PR is often more of an art form than a sales technique.
Here are my top 5 tips for PR professionals working in higher education  to help you succeed.
1. Be reactive
My number one education PR tip is to be reactive. In my experience the reactive approach is far more likely to be immediately successful than blind pitching ideas to editors, hoping to connect with them with the right topic at the right time. This means keeping up

PR Highlights

BlueSky PR: Business Education Highlights August 2018

Here at BlueSky PR there’s no such thing as a “quiet month”, and as always, August proved to a busy time for the education team. Unfortunately, we can’t show you all of the amazing work we have done, it would take too long, but below is a selection of our top coverage from the last month.
World leading oil economist and Professor from ESCP Europe was featured in both the Wall Street Journal and The Daily Express. Here the professor explained why he believes Trump’s sanctions on Iran’s oil exports are “doomed to fail” .
Forbes covered Vlerick Business School’s

three reasons why I love PR.

Three Reasons I Chose a Career in PR

Okay so a career in public relations might not be as glamorous as Samantha Jones in Sex and the City makes out, however I’ve come to learn that there is so much more to PR than planning parties. Below I have summarised the top three reasons I love my job as a PR person.
1. PR is all about human connection and interaction
My job has given me countless opportunities to network and build relationships with my co-workers, clients and members of the media.
Do you know many other jobs where you get to speak to a world-leading researcher in

pr fails of the week Melania Trump

3 PR fails of the week

This last week has provided a lot of PR fails – which have been so awful, they have literally made headlines themselves.
Here are my top three.
Melania Trump
The first, and possibly the worst, PR fail is Melania Trump’s jacket.
It’s fair to say that President Trump and the first lady have faced a lot of criticism, but somehow, I think wearing a jacket to visit a migrant child detention centre that says ‘I really don’t care, do you?’  is possibly one of the most insensitive things Melania could have done.
Unfortunately for her, Melania Trump’s apparently empathetic visit

BlueSky Education March 2018 News Highlights

BlueSky PR: Business Education Highlights March 2018

March was another busy month for the BlueSky Education team, as always, we delivered top tier coverage for our clients, from the Financial Times to the Evening Standard.
In fact, our client, UCL School of Management, quite literally made headlines with an article published by the Evening Standard entitled ‘UCL study finds voters impacted by fake news prior to 2016’. This covered Assistant Professor Anil Doshi’s study on the increased production of fake news prior to the election and its impact on the public’s news viewing habits. The same research was also covered by Yahoo News and MSN.
Again, we

top PR mistakes and how to avoid them

Top PR mistakes and how to avoid them

Making a mistake when you’re a PR professional is not only costly but also detrimental to your company’s reputation, which in some cases may never be regained.
So here are three of the key mistakes to avoid making when planning and executing your PR strategy.
Bad timing
Lesson one: Timing can work against you. Particularly when there’s not enough time to prepare in advance of an event or when you’re trying to organise interviews with journalists but your client doesn’t leave you with enough notice to make arrangements. To combat this, PRs should be advising their clients on how the


BlueSky PR: Business Education Highlights February 2018

Despite arctic conditions and the chaos caused by the #BeastFromTheEast. February was still a productive month for the BlueSky Education team, from the Wall Street Journal to the Financial Times, we still managed to secure top tier coverage for many of our clients.
In an article published online and in print by Times Higher Education magazine entitled ‘Surge’ in European mergers as universities seek rankings boost’, we secured coverage for our client Université Paris-Saclay. The article praised “the mega-campus on the outskirts of the French capital that will combine more than a dozen institutions, in part to try to break

What three films can teach us about PR

What three films can teach us about PR

Now that I’ve entered the world of PR, I can see the lessons that some films can teach us about the varied world of public relations. I’ve selected three film quotes that stood out to me and the messages they convey about this industry.
Be creative
“Almost Famous” is the story of a young, up and coming journalist in the 1960s who is given the job of interviewing his favourite band. He ends up in a world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, without his overprotective mother knowing, he ends up falling in love with one of the bands

New year's resolutions for PRs

Easy New Year’s Resolutions for PRs

Now is the time to make some professional resolutions which will make you a better, more productive PR person.
Short on ideas? Here are three to get you started, along with some tips to help you accomplish them.
Update your journalist lists
Your press release will only be as powerful as your press list. It may not be the most exciting task, but it is vital that PR professionals update their journalist lists regularly.
As we all know, the media landscape can change quickly. Those trusty journalist contacts that you rely on time and time again may change roles, perhaps

How LinkedIn can make you a better PR Person

How LinkedIn can make you a better PR Person

LinkedIn boasts an impressive 500 million users, so surely presents an opportunity for the savvy PR? However, like most social networking sites it’s overcrowded and noisy, making it difficult for anyone to make a real impact.
But there are still ways to utilise LinkedIn, for the benefit of both you and your clients. Here are some top tips from the BSE team.
Sharing Coverage
Every PR person knows that sharing client coverage through your own social media channels is a must to increase visibility.
However, it is vital as a PR advisor to encourage your clients to share their coverage

3 stories PRs shouldn’t miss this weeK

3 stories PRs shouldn’t miss this week

Weinstein and the power of the media
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you will have heard the Harvey Weinstein story. For obvious reasons, the scandal has been well covered by the media, however in the age of instant news, some people are already bored of it. In fact, I overheard someone in my local coffee shop opening a newspaper and sarcastically saying “oh look, more about Harvey Weinstein, it’s like there’s no other news”.
I’m sure there are some PRs who are worried that this story will overshadow their current publicity campaign and