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keywords for recruitment blogs

Keywords for recruitment blogs: Why you should keep it front of mind

I have already written about the importance of having a business blog if you are a recruitment firm. However, there are more steps that you need to consider after starting one, such as using the right keywords for recruitment blogs, and then applying them effectively. This can be difficult to get to grips with at first, however it is a crucial step in content writing to master, as without the correct keywords, your carefully crafted work risks being lost in the depths of Google! There are now a number of free tools online such as ‘Google Trends’ or ‘Answer

Employee advocacy: phones out sharing content on social media

How to and why you should encourage employees to share your business’ content

In the business world, and particularly in recruitment, people
are considered a company’s greatest asset – and rightly so. Not only do your
staff get the actual work done, they also hold the key to your very best
marketing strategy – employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy, the act of engaging staff to share their
business’ content, is known to be a powerful mechanism in boosting brand
awareness amongst new audiences, and should certainly be encouraged by every
business leader. However, while staff should be coaxed to share content and
promote the business, it should always be

Hiring a PR agency: handshake

Should recruiters be hiring a PR agency?

It might sound a little biased coming from me, but I’m going
to explain why hiring a PR agency is worth it.

Of course, it is in my interest to persuade you to think
positively about PR, but the truth is, is that public relations is not necessarily
for every business. If you are comfortable with the level of brand awareness
that you’re currently at (remember comfort is the enemy of progress),
uninterested in attracting new clients and think your business strategy is the
best that it possibly can be, then no maybe PR is

Starting a business blog checklist

5 things recruiters need to do before starting a business blog

You’re an excellent recruiter and you know it, but when it
comes to writing, perhaps not. Don’t worry though, this shouldn’t stop you from
starting a business blog that is packed with search engine optimised posts that
will keep customers glued to your page. Poetic writing may be a benefit, but
honestly, it all comes down to the content. Here at BlueSky PR we write quite a
few blogs which is why we have devised a checklist that will guide you through creating
your own.

Why you need to be starting a business blog

BlueSky PR Fahida Begum

A new member of the BlueSky PR team: Fahida Begum

Hello everyone, I’m Fahida, the newest member of the BlueSky
PR team! I have joined the crew as a content writer and I’m very much looking
forward to getting stuck in!

A passion for writing

What lead me through the BlueSky PR doors is the same thing that lead me to study journalism at college and university: my passion for writing, media and researching everything. I’ve always known that I’d like a job that involves working with the press, building rapport and that encourages me to be creative. That makes being a content