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decline in organic reach on social media

How to Increase Your Recruitment Firm’s Organic Reach on Social Media

Have you noticed a decline in your recruitment firm’s organic reach across social media over the last few years? You’re not alone. Algorithm changes at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have all negatively impacted the number of people that businesses are able to reach.

But what can you do about it? Here are five methods that you can implement to help your recruitment agency overcome the decline in organic reach and improve its performance across its social media channels.

Five ways to overcome the decline in organic reach on social media

February 2019 PR highlights

BlueSky PR February 2019 PR Highlights

It has been a busy February here at BlueSky PR, with the team achieving over 100 pieces of quality coverage for our clients across the recruitment and talent management arena. Here are some of the month’s highlights.

Analysis from Consult Inhouse received coverage from titles including Recruitment Buzz and London Loves Business. Data from the inhouse recruitment solutions provider highlighted the lack of visibility around total staffing spend as it revealed that small and medium businesses are spending, on average, £116,545 per year on recruitment agency fees, even if they are not increasing headcount.

January PR highlights: new year fireworks

BlueSky PR January 2019 PR Highlights

The BlueSky PR team kicked off the New Year in style by achieving over 100 pieces of quality coverage for our clients across the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Here are some of January’s PR highlights.

It was an extremely busy start to 2019 for talent crowdsourcing platform AnyGood?. Its co-founder Juliet Eccleston discussed how MBAs can harness the power of peer recommendations in a guest article for the Association of MBAs. Eccleston also highlighted the lack of corporate diversity in a blog for HR Zone and provided comment for a Natwest Content Live feature

candidate personas - how to create them for recruitment marketing

How to Create Candidate Personas for Recruitment Marketing

In an increasingly candidate-led market, it is more important than ever that your recruitment firm’s marketing is as effective as can be. Candidate personas enable you to successfully target jobseekers and produce compelling content that resonates with them so that you can save time, money and resources on finding the perfect candidate for your client.

What are candidate personas?

A candidate persona is a fictional representation of your
recruitment firm’s ideal applicant for a specific job role. A persona is
created by defining the characteristics, skills and traits that make up the

December 2018 PR highlights

BlueSky PR December 2018 Highlights

It was a December to remember for the BlueSky PR team, as we achieved over 140 pieces of coverage over the festive period for our clients across the recruitment and talent management arena. Here are some of the month’s highlights.

While the future of Brexit still hangs in the balance, 6CATS International warned recruiters to check whether their overseas compliance solutions are legal following the news that France, Germany and the UK will cease issuance of A1 certificates post March 2019. This was covered by Global Recruiter and Recruitment Buzz.

Advice from

PR Hghlights

BlueSky PR November 2018 Highlights

We have certainly had a busy November, achieving over 160 pieces of quality coverage for our clients across the recruitment and talent management arena. Here are some of the month’s highlights.
As the National Health Service enters its challenging winter period, Remedium Partners, specialists in placing permanent and fixed-term doctors into the NHS, urged hospitals to implement five key strategies to make sure they’re fully prepared for the increase in patient numbers. This was picked up by a variety of publications including Global Health & Pharma and Employer News.
It was a busy month for global recruitment and project man-power

How to view competitors social media ads

How to View Your Competitors’ Social Media Ads

Did you know that you can see the Facebook and Twitter ads your competitors in the recruitment industry are running?
Earlier in 2018, Facebook and Twitter both announced that their advertising solutions would be made far more transparent in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and allegations of political interference. This has led to the introduction of tools which allow users of both platforms to view the ads companies have been running – regardless of whether they are the intended target audience or not.
Here’s how to view your rivals’ social media ads and gain insights that you can use

News: October 2018 PR Highlights

BlueSky PR October 2018 Highlights

October was all treats and no tricks for the BlueSky PR team. We achieved over 130 pieces of quality coverage for our clients across the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Here are some of the month’s highlights.
We secured three Contractor UK opportunities for 6CATS International – with CEO Michelle Reilly providing her expertise for two “Contractors’ Questions’” features on Romania and Sri Lanka, whilst chairman Graham Palfrey-Smith discussed three potential Brexit scenarios which could impact contractors operating within the EU. Reilly also shared the company’s latest contractor data in an exclusive article for the Global Recruiter.
October was

Build a killer social media strategy

Three social media hacks to increase the visibility of your posts

Social media continues to transform the way in which recruitment agencies are able to reach their target audiences, source candidates and showcase their company culture.
However, with organic reach plummeting due to algorithm changes and saturated feeds it can be extremely difficult to get your content in front of followers. To help with this, I have rounded up three of the latest social media hacks for recruiters to use to increase the visibility of your firm’s posts.
1. Add a URL to LinkedIn posts AFTER they have been published to increase views
Like other social media algorithms, LinkedIn penalises

PR Highlights

BlueSky PR September 2018 Highlights

With the summer holidays over and the kids back at school, it was certainly a busy month at BlueSky PR. Here are some of September’s many highlights for our clients across the recruitment, HR and talent management arena.
We secured a case study for Remedium Partners on the General Medical Council website which looked at the experiences of a Russian doctor and his family as they relocated to the UK. Comments from the medical recruitment consultancy’s head of acute medicine Nicholas Hitchins and head of care and transition team Sianie Morris on the success of the Tier 2 visa cap

tips to secure social media buy-in

Three tips to secure social media buy-in

In this ‘always on’ digital age, social media has become incredibly important for recruitment agencies. However, one of the biggest challenges facing marketers is securing buy-in from senior management who sometimes fail to recognise the value that social media has to offer.
Here are three tips for producing a successful business case to put forward to your firm’s executives.
1. Be Clear
Before approaching senior management, you need to have a clear idea in mind of what exactly it is that you are seeking buy-in for and the reasons why. Are you looking to address a problem you have been

How to use news trends to gain great coverage for your clients

BlueSky PR August 2018 Highlights

Whilst August is traditionally known as a quiet period for PR firms, we still managed to secure plenty of high quality press coverage for our clients across the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Here are some of the month’s highlights.
Peer-to-peer recruitment recommendation platform AnyGood? published the results of its “Trust in Recruitment” research which surveyed over 1,000 UK jobseekers and employers. This was covered by a number of titles including Recruiting Times, Employer News and Welfare Weekly.
Alexander Mann Solutions’ global head of emerging talent consulting, Sandrine Miller, explained how employers need to balance employee value proposition with

PR Highlights

BlueSky PR July 2018 Highlights

As the temperatures continued to rise, the BlueSky PR team managed to power through the hottest July in a decade courtesy of our air-con and the occasional ice cream or two. Here are some of the month’s PR highlights for our clients across the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors.
Data from 6CATS International which revealed a 154% year-on-year increase in demand for contractors in Spain was covered by titles including Staffing Industry Analysts and Recruitment Buzz. We also secured an exclusive feature in Recruiter for the international contractor solutions firm which highlighted six global contracting hotspots, whilst CEO Michelle

How does the Instagram algorithm work? recruitment

How does the Instagram algorithm work? What recruiters need to know

It has been almost two years since Instagram transformed its feed by introducing an algorithm and for the first time it has revealed the ranking factors behind it which influence what users see on the platform.
So how exactly does the algorithm work? And how can you use these ranking factors to increase your recruitment firm’s engagement on Instagram?
Instagram’s ranking criteria
Instagram stated that it uses machine learning based on past behaviour to create a unique feed for each and every one of its 800 million users around the world. This means that if a group of users follow

BlueSky PR May 2018 Highlights

BlueSky PR May 2018 Highlights

There is no such thing as a ‘quiet month’ at BlueSky PR, and May certainly didn’t disappoint with our team generating over 120 pieces of quality coverage for clients. Here are some of the highlights.
Findings from Alexander Mann Solutions’ latest white paper ‘The Next Chapter: Your New Global Graduate Programme’ was featured by a number of HR and recruitment titles, including the HR Director and Recruitment Buzz. The thoughts of chief technology officer Andrew Wayland on how the rise of voice technology can benefit HR leaders was covered by Personnel Today and HR Grapevine, whilst client partner Paul Modley

Why you should attend the Recruitment Technology Innovation & Social Media Showcase

The recruitment industry is moving fast. From automation through to machine learning and chatbots, technology is rapidly transforming every aspect of the recruitment process.
However, with so many different types of recruitment tech available how do you know what will benefit your agency and enable you to stand out in a saturated market?
UK Recruiter has pulled together a comprehensive line up of the best recruitment technology and social media companies and gurus to help you improve your skills and move your business forward, including Bullhorn, Volcanic and Firefish.
Here are my top three reasons why you should attend the

BlueSky PR agency April 2018 highlights

BlueSky PR April 2018 Highlights

BlueSky PR kicked off the new financial year in style with more than 150 pieces of quality coverage for our clients in the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Below are just some of April’s highlights.
Ahead of TALiNT Partners’ Tipping Point event, a survey was undertaken which revealed that the majority of hirers feel permanent employment as the default option for most roles is in an ever-increasing downward trajectory. We secured coverage in a variety of media outlets including the print editions of the Sun and the Daily Star, Business Matters, Onrec and APSCo.
In-depth comment from 6CATS International

Three reasons why your recruitment agency should outsource social media

“Should we be outsourcing our social media?” That is a topic many recruitment agencies are currently having internal discussions on around the country.
And it’s not hard to see why – research from the Aberdeen Group shows that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job via social media, whilst Deloitte predicts that digitally savvy millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025.
With the number of social media users growing exponentially – currently sitting at 3.196 billion globally in 2018 – social media has the potential to develop your brand’s profile, showcase its expertise and

BlueSky PR agency March 2018 highlights

BlueSky PR March 2018 Highlights

Whilst some of us may have overindulged in chocolate over the Easter period, it certainly didn’t stop the BlueSky PR team achieving over 80 pieces of quality coverage for our clients. Here are just some of March’s highlights.
Research from Alexander Mann Solutions, which revealed that a third of businesses view apprentices as the most valuable source of emerging talent in 2018, was covered by a variety of titles during Apprenticeship Week including CEO Today Magazine, HSBC Knowledge Centre and Whilst comment from director of client success and innovation Jerry Collier on how GDPR will impact candidate experience appeared

Five simple Twitter tactics for increasing engagement

Five simple tactics for increasing your Twitter engagement

Is your recruitment firm struggling to get noticed on Twitter? With engagement a major ranking factor in the platform’s algorithm, it is essential that marketers understand how they can maximise this to help meet their objectives.
Here are five simple tactics that you can implement into your social media strategy to increase your engagement and visibility on Twitter:
1. Re-use and repurpose your top posts
With studies showing that the average lifespan of a tweet lasts between 18-24 minutes, it is important to re-use and repurpose tweets which have received high levels of engagement. This helps maximise the overall reach

BlueSky PR agency February 2018 highlights

BlueSky PR February 2018 Highlights

February may be remembered for its blizzards and arctic temperatures but at BlueSky PR we kept ourselves busy (and warm!) by generating over 150 pieces of quality coverage for our clients. Here are some of the month’s highlights.
Industry research conducted by contractor management solutions supplier 6CATS International was covered by publications including Recruiter and the HR Director. The data revealed that almost half of recruitment agencies are unaware of the impact that the Criminal Finances Act could have on their business ahead of the legislation’s full roll out on 16th April.
Also on a research tip, analysis from Global

The BlueSky PR January 2018 Round Up

BlueSky PR January 2018 Round Up

It’s been a busy start to the year for BlueSky PR with our team generating over 100 pieces of quality coverage for our clients in the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Below are just some of January’s highlights.
Results from the fifth annual UK Recruitment Index from Deloitte and the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) featured in a number of business, HR and recruitment press including Economia, Staffing Industry Analysts and the Global Recruiter. APSCo chief executive Ann Swain also appeared on BBC 5 Live’s Breakfast Show and BBC London’s Drivetime to provide her thoughts on a controversial job

Facebook news feed changes recruitment agencies

How will Facebook’s news feed changes affect your recruitment agency?

In the early hours of Friday 12th January, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm that will have huge ramifications for every single company that uses the platform.
“Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other,” Facebook’s co-founder wrote.
To combat this, Facebook will be showing less content from businesses, brands and media whilst prioritising ‘meaningful interactions between people’ – in essence returning the platform to its original goal. So, what do these

Why you should be using the ‘rule of thirds’ in your social media strategy

One of the most common dilemmas facing marketers when it comes to producing a social media strategy is deciding on the content mix. What should you be posting? How many job posts is too much? Should you be sharing third-party news?
This is where the social media ‘rule of thirds’ comes in. It is a simple model used to ensure that your content is balanced and doesn’t lean too heavily in one direction – after all would you like it if your social media feeds were full of sales posts?
By implementing the rule of thirds into your social media

3 reasons why your CEO should be using social media

3 reasons why your CEO should be using social media

Whilst getting social media buy-in for your brand can be a challenging experience, one thing that is often much more difficult is persuading your CEO to create their own social media accounts. Common objections often include being too busy to post on social media, not being digitally savvy enough or not having anything interesting to say. And this attitude is reflected in research from America which has revealed that 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no public social media presence. So how can you get them on-board?
Here are 3 reasons why your CEO should be using social media.

Why Twitter’s Move to 280 Characters is a Bad Idea

Why Twitter’s Move to 280 Characters is a Bad Idea

Updates to social media platforms are becoming a far more regular occurrence these days, as the companies behind them roll out various tweaks and new features in an effort to increase the number of active users on their sites. And the last 18 months has already seen three major updates with Instagram emulating Snapchat’s Stories feature, Twitter changing its timeline and Facebook rolling out chatbots for Business Pages.
However, it looks like we are about to experience the biggest social media change in years with the news that Twitter has begun trialling a new 280-character limit – double the existing

3 social media tips you should ignore

3 social media tips you should ignore

Social media as a communications channel continues to grow, with a recent report undertaken by Hootsuite and We Are Social revealing that the number of people using social media around the world has exceeded 3 billion – increasing at a staggering rate of 1 million new users per day over the last quarter.
And with this growth showing no signs of slowing, it is crucial that you are able to cut through this ever-increasing noise to reach your target audiences. However, how do you know if you’re doing this right?
A simple Google search on the subject will bring up

SEO Tips for Recruitment Agencies

Three Simple SEO Tips for Recruitment Agencies

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often seen as a daunting and complicated subject. However, it needn’t be that way. Here are three SEO tips for recruitment agencies of all sizes that can be used to increase search rankings:

Research your keywords

Although obvious to some, keyword research is often overlooked due to factors such as time constraints. The easiest way to research potential keywords for your content is to create a keyword list by using Google’s autocomplete function. To do this, simply open and start typing the subject of your page in the search box and you

Social Media Tips

10 tips for social media success

Our new social media executive
Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a new addition to BlueSky PR. I’ve joined the team as social media executive to help develop our clients’ social media presences on the recruitment, HR and talent management side of the business. Up until now, my career has seen me spend almost four years in the not-for-profit sector where I worked for two children’s charities on a national and international scale. These were varied roles which saw me assume responsibility for marketing activities, including brand development, press releases and social media management. I’m really excited to start working