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How to measure the real value of PR: stack of newspapers

Return on Investment: How to Measure the Real Value of PR

Return on Investment. The crux of so many PR client meetings. Gone are the days of walking into a client’s office with a stack of newspapers that they’ve been featured in since the beginning of your contract; no longer can the value of PR be realistically measured by how much the table shakes when you drop that stack of coverage. So, how can it be measured?
The fact that the UK public relations industry alone is worth over £12.9 billion stands testament to the fact that PR matters, but there is an increasing appetite for hard data to back up

News: October 2018 PR Highlights

BlueSky PR: Business Education Coverage Highlights October 2018

October has come to a close and the academic year is now in full swing. For the BlueSky Education team, this means our client base are embarking on plenty of exciting projects, and as ever we have secured an abundance of fantastic coverage, displaying their activity to global press. Below we reflect on just a few examples of the fantastic media exposure we have secured this month.
Leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt, ran a comprehensive article on the global drop in applications to US business schools, based entirely on GMAC research. The article further included comment from the deputy Dean

Why academic writing doesn’t work for the media

The appetite for academic research in the media is huge. Studies and statistics lend credibility to comment pieces and provide great insight into current trends. But it’s not quite as straight forward as throwing dissertations at journalists!
Writing for Experts
Academic research papers are written primarily for an audience of other academics so they don’t shy away from complex, in depth explanation. Authors generally adopt a direct, formal tone because they are addressing their peers who already have an understanding of the topic at hand and more importantly, a pre-existing curiosity…
…In other words, the writing style itself doesn’t need

Business Education News

BlueSky PR: Business Education Highlights September 2018

September kicks off the academic year. For us in the university and business education world, this makes for an eventful month; professors are back, rankings are out and inboxes are full. As ever, at BlueSky we’ve made the most of every opportunity; below are just a select few highlights taken from the coverage we’ve achieved this month.
Forbes ran an article in which a Professor at the UCL School of Management gave her views on why accidental entrepreneurs make the best micro-business owners.
QS covered ESCP Europe’s outstanding masters in marketing and creativity programme, featuring comment from the co-director of

Why I chose PR career

Why I chose PR

‘So what are you going to do with your life?’ asks your least favourite relative, two days after graduation.
This was the question I dreaded as a student. Pursuing an English Literature degree had its advantages; I got to hone my writing skills, think creatively and do a lot of independent research. However, career direction was definitely not one of the assets of the course. As a result I was faced with going into the big wide world with essentially no idea what I was going to do with myself.
It was towards the end of my second year at