attract candidates, clients, and recruiters

How to attract candidates, clients, and recruiters to your business

Recruitment businesses need three things in order to be successful.

  1. Great candidates
  2. Great clients
  3. Great recruitment consultants

So how do you attract candidates, clients, and recruiters to your business?

Attracting candidates with job adverts

Who writes your job adverts?  Your clients?  Your consultants?  Your marketing department?  An external supplier?


Do they use the job description as a starting point?  Is there a standard template you use as a business?


Do you know who your ideal applicant is and what they’re looking for from a new role?


Do you research key search terms before you start writing?

Attracting clients and candidates with content marketing

Are your consultants writing regular blog posts?  And sharing regular social media posts?


And, more importantly is the content that’s being written useful?


When I say useful, I mean this: do your blog posts answer a key query within your target audience?  Are you adding value?  Alongside SEO, the key way to build readership for your content is to provide your target audience with what they’re looking for.


Attracting clients and candidates via direct marketing

Do you use your content to build into your mailshot campaigns?


Make your cold approaches less frosty by giving your target what they want.


Is a prospective client interested in being pitched a candidate when they don’t have any open roles?  Unless they’re looking to build up a future talent pipeline, probably not.  But they might be interested to read your research on the key concerns this year for managers at their level within the same industry.


Is a passive candidate interested in receiving a job spec out of the blue?  Probably not.  But they’re likely to be interested in figures from your latest salary survey within their field.


Attracting candidates, clients, and recruiters to join your team with media coverage

Media coverage gives you something no other form of marketing can.  Third party credibility.


When you’re in publications read by your target audience, it makes your direct approaches less cold.


Not only that – but when you are being seen regularly as a thought leader within your sector, you’ll be the first agency your potential client thinks of when they’re next hiring, you’ll be the agency candidates call when they’re starting to consider opportunities, and you’ll be the agency other recruiters within your sector want to work for.


So how do you achieve media coverage for your business?


That’s one of the topics we’ll be discussing at our next recruitment marketing masterclass in conjunction with Barclay Jones.


Other topics will include:

  • How to generate ROI from recruitment marketing
  • Practical advice from recruitment marketing experts
  • How to create effective content and content plans
  • Key goals and strategies for social and digital marketing
  • Cool tech for content marketing and PR
  • How to build your employer brand
  • Why you should enter and how to win recruitment awards
  • Job advert writing best practice
  • Tips for increasing your mailshot click throughs and response rates




This is a must-attend event if you are a recruitment marketer with the critical goal of generating leads, talent and internal attraction.


Book your place now

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Author: Jennifer Wright

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