Attention education PRs: Don’t send that press release!

Perhaps your school climbed one place in the latest ranking. Should you send out a press release to tell the world, or hold off because next month you might drop in another ranking?


Bear in mind that reporters and editors receive a tsunami of emails announcing the latest rankings successes, so you are more likely to secure local editorial coverage, but beyond the numbers there might be an underlying reason for your strong performance.


An editor is far more interested in a wider trend that explains the results, or the return on a particular strategy that your school has pursued.


So if you do turn to the press release, remember to include context, and make your school’s performance part of a bigger picture. Remember that what goes up has every chance of coming down. Make the most of the latest results, and include them where appropriate on other press materials and social media, but be prepared for the day the school falls in the rankings and a journalist asks why. Promoting a ranking one year and dismissing it the next is unlikely to build a sustainable discourse in the eyes of the media.



For more advice on PR strategy for business schools and higher education, check out the latest issue of BlueSky’s Wildfire HERE.

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