Are we a nation of pessimists?

PessimistsUnless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last week, you’ll have noticed that there is some kind of big event going on in the UK. Yes, we are more than half way through the Olympics now, and the nation is gripped with Olympic fever!

Well, most of us are any way.

While watching the Olympics this weekend I found myself screaming at the TV screen (much to my neighbours’ annoyance I’m sure!). No I wasn’t shouting at them to row faster or jump higher. Instead I found myself yelling at sobbing athletes to be proud of their silver or bronze medals.

With all the training these athletes have gone through to get where they are, I can understand the emotions sweeping through them at the finish line – and yes, it’s totally acceptable that everyone wants that gold medal. But I was in complete shock at the number of British athletes who apologised for not doing better than silver!

These Olympians have just come second in the world in the biggest sporting events of their lives and they were saying sorry to their friends, family and the whole nation for doing so.

It led me to ask if we are a nation of pessimists? Yes there are some people out there who are great at blowing their own trumpet, but on average, the Brits aren’t great at self-promotion. When you think of the dreaded interview question; “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” the majority of respondents will have a clear list of negative attributes, but will struggle with their positive traits.

The UK has done well considering this time last year London was in the grips of severe riots, so we should all be proud of where we are today. I for one admire all the athletes who are taking part in the Olympics. In my mind they have earnt full bragging rights, with or without a medal, just to reach this stage.

So what’s the ‘PR-point’ of my rambling blog? If you’re going to do PR you need to be comfortable promoting yourself. If you’re doing well be proud and shout it from the roof tops! There’s no room to be timid in this industry.

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