New Recruit

Another new face at BlueSky

New RecruitHere’s another quick entry with a big hello from BlueSky’s latest ‘newest recruit’. As Stephanie has established a tradition of new faces introducing themelves on the blog, it’s now my turn to say hi.

I’ve just joined BlueSky from a four year background in PR and marketing for the toy and gadget sector. This might sound like fun, and it was, but it’s also big business and the gadget news sector in particular is at the forefront of new media and social networking, which means that it was also excellent transferrable experience.

Before this, I got my break into PR working for a borough council’s communications department. This was a brilliant introduction, as it combined serious topics such as business development, recycling and CSR with lighter stuff like promoting local sports and charity work. In addition to communications copy, I’ve experience writing all sorts of things, from comic scripts to instruction manuals, and can turn my hand to virtually anything that a client might require.

The team here at Blue Sky have made me more than welcome and I’m already learning about all of the clients and people we work with. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and meeting you all soon!

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