Q&A: Ann Swain – Chief Executive of APSCo

Q&AWhy do we use PR?

We are a very busy trade association and consequently have a lot of interesting things that we feel we need to communicate out to the wider world.  APSCo is also a brand that our members are proud to be associated with and so it is important that we are seen to be participating in, and in many cases leading, the conversations around issues affecting the professional recruitment sector.  That on-going recognition of our brand is important to us – and important to our members.

How do you measure ROI?

Obviously we look at the number of relevant pieces of coverage we get in support of our various campaigns but also we look at the penetration of our brand within the different vertical sectors within which we operate.  We are lucky in so far as we have a large number of member events and so will often get instant feedback from members who have seen our press coverage and comment on it – that in itself is a good measure of the success of our PR campaigns.

What would your advice be to anyone looking to introduce PR into their business?

I’d recommend using a firm that not only understands your marketplace and sector but which also understands you, your culture and how you work because the synergy and chemistry is really important.  They also need to convince you that they can act quickly. Consider what questions they ask – that gives a good indication of how interested they are in your business – and crucially ask for a demonstration of proactivity.


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