And the winner is…

winnerBusiness awards can boost both your business credibility and employer brand but what is the best way to maximise your chance of success. Read on for our top tips to getting on that shortlist:

• Consider the categories: Really think about what your achievements have been and choose the category that will best showcase them.

• Stick to the word count: Most awards have a strict word count per answer and running over can disqualify you before anyone has even read your submission. Be concise and use bullet points to maximise your message.

• Answer the question: This may seem obvious but you would be surprised – this isn’t a vanity exercise and so your submission should not read like an advert – tell a story – make it good- and ensure it answers the brief.

• Provide the evidence: Just telling the story is not enough – provide quantifiable results from your story – what happened? How did it affect performance/growth/your client/your candidate?

• Use third party endorsement: Wherever possible use client and candidate testimonials to support your submission – and testimonials that speak directly to the brief.

• Don’t forget supporting documents: If the award allows you to provide supporting documentation then make sure you provide it. Testimonials, case studies and press cuttings are all useful – but ensure that they are relevant.

• Don’t underestimate the amount of time a submission can take: This isn’t something that can be rattled off in a couple of hours. You’ll need to research good case studies and do at least a couple of drafts before have your final submission ready.


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