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Adding PR into your Marketing Strategy

We all know that content is king and that everyone should have a content marketing plan – and that is very much part of a PR and communications strategy but I would argue that media also needs to be part of that strategy.


If you are regularly appearing in the media that your clients and candidates are reading, that content has real credibility – and because 99% of publications are now online, it means you have third party endorsed content to share.


Writing a blog post is great – repurposing media coverage into a blog post that links to that piece of coverage is 100 times more credible.

Publications to aim for


Your CEO will want you to be in the FT / The Times / The Sunday Times.


That’s great – but often stuck behind a paywall so more difficult to share.


And is it better to have a few lines in the FT?  Or a 500 word thought leadership opinion piece on e-financial careers?  Or Computing?  Or Accountancy Age?  Or Legal Week?


Press releases


Nine times out of ten company’s write press releases about themselves and what they do – rather than what they know.


What you shouldn’t be talking about is how great you are / why clients should be using you / the fact that you have just painted your office green.  No one cares.


What should you be talking about?


The people agenda.  That’s what your organisation knows about, so talk about what you know.  Pay going up / down / skill shortages.  What’s driving those skill shortages?  Talent pools and puddles.  Global comparisons.  Diversity in the workplace.  The future workplace.  Employability.  And so on and so on.  That’s what people are interested in.


The above advice formed part of our PR and content workshop held in conjunction with Barclay Jones.  For more words of wisdom from the day check out our blog post on 26 recruitment marketing tips, quips and queries.



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