A lot to be learnt from Rugby

If you hadn’t already heard, the Rugby World Cup is in full swing and so far the England boys are doing quite well.

The English team have performed at their best during the competition when a mixture of ‘old boys’ and new talent have been working hand in hand.  This got me thinking about how businesses use age diversity in the workplace.

Organisations in the UK are increasingly looking to blend youth with experience in order to safely negotiate the current turbulent economic condition. Embracing diversity in the workplace is therefore a must.

However old perceptions and generalisations remain common. Some employers believe that young people lack maturity and wisdom, and older people are perceived to be not up to the job. Of course there are also positive stereotypes. Younger workers may be seen as more energetic, adaptable, and open to new ideas. Older employees are often seen as more conscientious, self-assured, experienced and dependable.

In order to be successful, organisations need to play on the strengths of all ages. Like the English Rugby team, they are taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of the ‘old boys’ such as Johnny Wilkinson (who is on his 4th world cup), Steve Thompson and team manager Martin Johnson, while using the passion and enthusiasm of younger players such as Joe Simpson and Manu Tuilagi (who is only 20years old) to drive the team to victory.

As people live longer, engage in lifelong learning and pursue intellectual and skill growth throughout life, diversity in the workplace will become more common.

One more thing – COME ON ENGLAND!

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