Silly Season

A last hurrah to summer… BlueSky’s best bits of silly season.

So, it’s almost Autumn.


Along with the return of the miserable weather (although let’s be honest, that never really left), the hordes of kids heading back to school (my morning commute has never been slower) and the annoyance I feel at that one shop that insists on putting up a Christmas section (does anyone really need to buy mince pies in September?!), the one good thing that Autumn is bringing with it is a return to sensible, impactful news reporting.


The summer months are typically blighted by what’s become known as “silly season”, where actual news is so thin on the ground that newspapers become clogged with pictures of water-skiing squirrels and dogs getting married in order to fill pages.


There’s been so much of it this year that Bruce has taken it upon himself to compile a list of the most ridiculous stories each week, to accompany our other much more useful news digests. Entertaining as these stories may be, I for one am looking forward to reading a newspaper that has actual news in it.


So, as a last hurrah to summer, the team at BlueSky have selected their favourite stories from silly season so that, as you sit looking out of the window watching the rain fall on your under-used BBQ, you might at least smile a little.




Steph K: My favourite has to be about the women intent on using a dolphin as a midwife. Yep you heard it correctly – no need for an actual qualified midwife here, dolphins it seems can also do the trick. Safe to say that I’ll be sticking to the human variety when my baby arrives!


Steph M: The Metro provides all the glitz, glamour and gore of the silly season. The tabloid newspapers seem to pick up all of the mad topics that engulf us during the summertime. A particular highlight was the cow with its head stuck in a tree – and its friend who made the same mistake. It’s udderly ridiculous.


Natalie: There is stiff competition from the man who assaulted his mother with a potato salad – or as the article describes it, a “chilled side dish”. Then there’s the lady who smashed up a hairdressers with a sledgehammer after a bad cut – we’ve all been there. But, who could forget the flock of birds that looked exactly like Vladimir Putin? – This is hawkward.


Bruce: I really enjoyed the idea of nobody noticing an elephant until it was literally in the middle of a car boot sale, and people shaving their dogs into cubes in Japan.


Rochelle: My personal favourite recently has been Usain Bolt’s comedy fall. His amazing backward rolly-polly recovery is what made it for me.


Adrian’s favourite was the story of a lawyer who billed a client $5,000 for time spent watching true crime TV programmes, under the guise of research.


As for me, my favourite has been the string of stories on what’s been spotted on Mars by the re-awakened Curiosity rover. So far the list includes pyramids, a spaceship, a woman, a “face-hugger crab” and a levitating spoon.


Bye bye silly season, looking forward to next year’s avalanche of utter nonsense.

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