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3 reasons why travel is key for good PR

Hans Christian Andersen once famously said that ‘to travel is to live’.

And while my grandmother never left the British Isles – she was genuinely even afraid to cross big bridges near her home in the countryside – we now live in a world with sprawling cities, where we regularly board planes, cross borders and travel the world.

Our team here at BlueSky Education are certainly well-travelled. My colleagues have lived abroad in the US, have friends all over the globe, and often visit clients overseas. Just in the month ahead, we have trips to Belgium, Germany, France, and America planned amongst us.

It seems that we all have an element of the travelbug, but it really pays off. Here are three of the key reasons why I think travelling is good for PR professionals:

1. Travelling creates meaningful relationships

Whether personally or professionally, meeting people face-to-face builds rapport. This is especially effective when we’re so often in contact by email or over the phone with overseas clients or journalists. Meeting in person can really cement an excellent working relationship.

2. Travelling helps you learn and practice new languages

We’re always picking up bits of new languages – but for those of us on the team who speak more than one language, visiting that country really helps hone those valuable language skills.

3. Travelling gives you an adventure!

Not only do we love experiencing new places and different cultures – but we get to see why the students and alumni we’re often speaking to love the places that they study in, from London and Berlin, to Singapore and Johannesburg. It’s an adventure that we all get to experience!

As the Roman philosopher, Seneca, said ‘Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind’, why not get in touch today to see if we could come to your institution and talk about what fantastic PR support we could offer you?

Steph MullinsAuthor: Stephanie Mullins

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