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For some recruitment businesses, the decision to undertake PR can be a hard one. Recruitment is hugely results driven and ROI is easily measurable. PR is different, and it can take some time to see results. With this in mind, we thought we’d feature a Q&A in each newsletter with a recruiter who uses PR, and why they do so.

This edition we speak to David Press, Director at DMJ Recruitment.

Why do we use PR?

We use PR for a variety of reasons but a key motive is that it places us as experts in the market place and gives us a ‘voice’ within a crowded and competitive industry. As a prominent presence in the market place, gaining coverage in broadsheets and targeted press allows us to enhance our brand but also stay at the forefront of our existing and potential clients’ minds, especially during difficult economic times. PR is also a very useful marketing tool when trying to win new business, allowing us to demonstrate our successes and experience. One of the most important parts of our PR activity is our social media strategy. We use Twitter, Linkedin, our blog and our website to demonstrate our wider interest and knowledge in our respective markets and to engage with our candidates and clients.


How do you measure ROI?

It is often difficult to measure ROI as it takes time for the cumulative effect of the PR to filter through. However we monitor traffic through our website via Google analytics and notice an increased flow in traffic after a blog or article has been published. We also measure ROI by how our clients and candidates react to the press coverage or events they have seen and make a note of any direct response on our database.


What advice would you give…

Do not underestimate the impact of PR on your business. It is easy to dismiss it on the basis of an increased cost, but with consistently good coverage it will have an enormous impact on your brand and reputation. In a crowded marketplace you need to stand out as experts and this is actually an extremely cost effective way to do this. The access that PR has to online and print publications means that your business will start gaining recognition outside your sphere of loyal clients and candidates which is critical if you are looking to expand your business. It is also key to ensure that you use the PR to its best effect at client visits and pitches. It is an invaluable tool that will separate you from your competitors.

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