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BlueSky is not your typical PR agency.  Having worked with some of the most well known agencies in France for P&G in the beauty industry, I had a cynical view of PR agencies. Most of the time, we would spend months working on a press toolkit and hundreds of thousands of euros on an outlandish event just to gain journalist attention.  The result was often a high volume of articles that, while helping to sell products in the short term, did little to build the brands I was working on in the long term. In addition, the turnover rate at some of the agencies was so high that in a year we had changed contacts 4 times and had to on-board the new contact each time. So, when I met with BlueSky, I was initially very sceptical. Over a year into our partnership, I've learned the difference between an ok agency and an extraordinary one.   The team at BlueSky worked very closely with our organisation to build CEMS' unique story with the press. They have helped to guide us in the stories and publications that we should target and perhaps more importantly, the ones that we shouldn't. They also build relationships with journalists and know which stories to pitch and to whom based on everyone's needs.  This is a far cry from the approach of doing high visibility press releases that could just as easily be done do through a news distribution agency for a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, the continuity and co-ordination within the team is the best I've ever seen. I've been working with a fantastic contact at BlueSky, but even when she's away, her team is so well briefed on our projects that they're able to take over flawlessly to ensure continued support. The results are the best coverage that we have ever seen, which hasn't gone unnoticed by the top levels in our organisation, and is actually positively influencing our strategic objectives, in addition to meeting our immediate needs. Rebecca Rosinski – CEMS Marketing Manager